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Today, we’re talking about high school Softball recruit Gianna Mancha.

Does this young lady have the ability to play at the next level or should college coaches not waste their time recruiting her?

Exposure is the key to getting recruited for college.

If coaches know about you, they will recruit you.

Is Gianna Mancha receiving the right amount of exposure from college coaches for the kind of Softball player she is?

Is the high school coach taking care of his responsibilities and providing all the assistance, knowledge and expertise to help Gianna Mancha gain the attention of college programs?

Gianna Mancha High School Softball Star Recruit

The role of high school coaches is to develop the student athlete to become the best athlete that they can possibly be.  Is this coach doing the job?

Sometimes playing on a good high school Softball team can make the difference in gaining exposure for high school student athletes.

Obviously, if you’re on a high school team that has a track record of winning and that team has consistent success, then naturally it will gain the attention of college recruiters.

Does the team that Gianna Mancha is on meet those expectations?

If not, where does this high school Softball program fall short?

In my opinion, only 2% of high school student athletes from a particular state will receive a full athletic scholarship.

Is it possible that Gianna Mancha will receive a full athletic scholarship or will she fall short and end up playing Softball at the division two level or maybe even the division three level?

Playing on the right club team can make all the difference for a high school student athlete in gaining the attention of college coaches.

If you’re on a club team that is reaping the benefits of being a high profile team, will that help the players gain exposure to college programs?

Do you believe that Gianna Mancha is on the right club team or should she play somewhere else?

What are your thoughts on Softball recruit, Gianna Mancha?

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