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Farrah Tyler: Height 5’8, Weight 135

Lakeridge High School, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Class of 2019 GPA 3.9

Position:  Attacking Midfielder

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High soccer IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport

Farrah Tyler is an outstanding soccer student athlete. Farrah has tremendous passion for the game of soccer. She is one of the most outstanding student athletes on her team. She’s looking for an opportunity to take her amazing soccer talents to the next level. She’s looking for a college program that will give her a chance to show her skills, talents, and ability.

Her club team is NEU PDX  and she is a tremendous leader for all the athletes on her club team. Farrah is an outstanding student in the classroom, possessing a 3.9 grade point average. She has not taken either of the standardized tests as of yet, but we believe she has the grades, the applicability, and the talent to be a star on any college program.

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