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Daniel “Miles” Allen: 6’4 179 lbs.Wing 2 Guard 

Corona Del Sol High School Class 2018

GPA: 3.13 SAT: 980 (Retake October 2018) 

I am a competitive, lock-down defender. I show effort on both sides of the court. I have a sound mid-range and 3 point shot and I can create scoring opportunities for myself and other players. I like Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and Russell Westbrook’s energy.

I want to see how far I can go in the game I love. My first joy was martial arts (TKD) and then I discovered the beauty of playing basketball without the risk of a spinning back kick to the head, I went all-in for the round ball.

College basketball will provide me an opportunity to show my full potential in larger, more competitive arenas and allow me to keep growing scholastically. My love for basketball is strong and I am not ready to end my playing days in high school.

My teammates would describe me as a leader, good defender, rebounder, and shooter. They would also offer that I exhibit unselfish play.

Right now, I’ve narrowed my potential majors to Forensic Science, Economics, and Sports Science. Interests do change.

Also, I could study Fire Science (fireman), Accounting (my mother’s career) or Pre-Law (my father’s profession).

In the 2017 Las Vegas Big Foot Hoops Tournament I scored only 15 points in the semi-final game, but I played monster defense and kept my team in position to win through my passing, rebounding, and overall energy.

In the Inspire Tournament in Gilbert, Arizona, I scored 28 points against an AAU team comprised of most of the players that edged Corona Del Sol High School in 2017 6A basketball championship game.

The effort I showed in the face of a supposedly superior team was great. We responded to each dunk with a 3 point shot or a quick lay-up. With seven seconds remaining and the game tied my teammates knocked down the game-winning 3 point shot. It was a great experience.

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