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Working for Woods Recruiting requires a full commitment, anything else is not acceptable. 

We require a lot out of our scouts because of the work we’re doing for high school student athletes. 

Parents of high school student athletes are trusting Woods Recruiting with their sons’ and daughters’ athletic futures.

Money is a big factor in this process. 

Parents of high school student athletes are paying Woods Recruiting their hard-earned dollars and that needs to be taken very seriously. 

If you are not committed, don’t get in it!

The college recruiting process is very powerful and skilled college scouts are needed.

We already know college coaches cannot be everywhere. 

We already know talented student athletes slip through the cracks of the recruiting process all the time. 

The commitment of our scouts at Woods Recruiting is valuable because student athletes and parents depend on us to help their sons and daughters achieve their goals of playing at the college level.

The Commitment

  1. Attending high school games weekly.
  2. Building relationships with club and high school coaches.
  3. Being available for additional training and meetings with Woods Recruiting.
  4. Building leads consistently.
  5. Posting recruiting information on social media.
  6. Putting in extra hours per week to succeed.
  7. Setting goals to achieve long-lasting success.

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