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Caroline Landis: Height 5’7, Weight 155

High School: Seven Lakes in Katy,Texas

Class 2020 GPA 4.36 ACT 26

Position: Right-handed Pitcher

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High softball IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport

Caroline is an amazing baseball student-athlete. Her primary position is right-handed pitcher. As you can see from her recruiting video Caroline is constantly working on developing her pitching talents and abilities. She’s always in the gym perfecting her skills on a consistent basis. She has a incredible work ethic and would be a major asset to any major college program.


Due to the nature of my dad’s job, I’ve moved several times.  The one constant in my life (aside from my family) has been softball.  I’ve had the opportunity to play for different types of teams and coaches, and I’ve learned so much from each experience.  I’ve learned to be flexible, resilient, and open-minded which has made me a better player and teammate. I previously attended a small private school and I currently attend a very large public high school.  Having these very different academic experiences has also been valuable because I’ve learned to adapt to both environments. I think the key to success is working hard and making the best of every situation.

As a participant in the Duke TIP program, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and Duke University in Durham, NC. I really enjoyed experiencing college life as I lived in dorms, attended classes, and met students from all over the country.  Even though I still have three more years of high school left, I am already looking forward to college!

I see myself attending a smaller college or university with rigorous academics.  I’m looking for a school with a strong sense of community where I could really get to know my classmates and professors.  Finally, I want to keep playing softball. The softball field has always been my “happy place” no matter where I was living or what jersey I was wearing.  I look forward to finding a place where I can continue to grow as a student, a player, and a person.

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