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Bradley Archer:  6’4 240lbs. Livermore High School Livermore, CA.

GPA 4.0 Class of 2019 Standout TE LB DE

Outstanding high school football student-athlete. He has good size and power. It’s very strong. Out in the open field he has the ability to go get the football. He’s hard to bring down, almost unstoppable.

He can catch the ball with both hands, has the ability to go up and get the ball with one hand in traffic.

He has been isolated on some running plays, but has the tremendous power it takes for multiple defensive players to tackle him. He’s very hard to get on the ground and has the ability to fight for extra yards.

Defensively, he is very powerful at the linebacker position. He has the speed to chase down any defender and complete the play. He’s very aggressive on the defensive side of the ball and shows a lot of athletic ability on defense. He would be a major asset on offense and defense.

This young man is an outstanding football player. He has incredible grades and takes pride in his athletic ability along with his academic ability. We believe he would be a major asset to any college program who recruits him.

I encourage all college coaches to take a serious and long look at Bradley Archer. We believe he’s a can’t miss and would do an amazing job at the college level.

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