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Bella Brock: Height 5’7,  Weight 145

Eastlake High School, Chula Vista , CA

Class 2019 GPA 3.77 SAT 1225

Positions:  Shortstop, Right field, Left field

Recruiting Intangibles

  1. Extremely intense
  2. Hard worker
  3. High academic standards
  4. High softball IQ
  5. Extremely dedicated to the sport

Bella is an up-and-coming softball talent. She is improving on her softball athletic abilities every day. She is a hard worker who is dedicated to the sport. She is always looking for ways to get better. Take a close look at her video and you can see her working on her game. She’s developing all aspects of her softball talents, from hitting to fielding.

She’s an amazing young lady who has the drive, the skills, and the determination to make any college athletic program a winner. She’s an outstanding student who takes great pride in her academics. She’s looking for an opportunity to show college coaches what she can do athletically as well as academically.

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