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What’s Covered In The Intensive Training Program

  1. How To Deliver A Sales Presentation.
  2. How To Ask Strong And Powerful Questions.
  3. Learn How To Close The Sale.
  4. Understand The Power Of Goal Setting.
  5. How To Overcome Rejection.
  6. Lead Generation Strategies.
  7. How To Make Critical Follow-up Phone Calls.
  8. Learn Strategies And Tactics That Are Exclusive To Woods Recruiting. 

The Intensive Training program is done via Skype. If you’re accepted and hired as a Woods Recruiting scout, the training will be scheduled one day for 1 hour per week.

Each Intensive Training session will have an eBook associated with the session along with homework assignments.

Many recruiting services hire scouts without providing any training whatsoever.

At Woods Recruiting, we are hiring scouts to achieve long-lasting success.

If you follow the strategies designed in this Intensive Training program, you will have what it takes to potentially turn this into a full-time career.

At the conclusion of the Intensive Training Program you will have earned the privilege of being a college recruiting scout.

Hear My Thoughts On The Intensive Training Program

The Intensive Training program is not a formality; we’re looking for only the best to be part of the Woods Recruiting team and to work exclusively with high school student athletes.

The success or failure of any scout is understanding how the process works. Trust the process and success will consistently come your way.

The college recruiting process is extremely challenging. Getting recruited for college requires a strategy that must be executed consistently to assist student athletes in gaining as much exposure to college coaches as possible.

Parents play a huge role in the college recruiting process and must be educated on the details of recruiting.

Unfortunately, many parents of high school student athletes make critical mistakes in recruiting every year. Our job at Woods Recruiting is to help parents gain a greater understanding of how the process works and to not waste valuable time!

Going from high school athlete to college athlete is very challenging and the goal of the Intensive Training program is to make that process easier for parents of student athletes to understand and navigate.

If you have the superstar mentality, you will be a great college recruiting scout with the power to change the lives of high school student athletes in the most positive way and, in return, earn a significant income.

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