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Your Website Is The First Impression

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Most recruiting services do not operate out of an office.

They’re generally home-based businesses.  The first impression people will see upon reaching your business is your website.

Unfortunately, too many recruiting services fall short in the area of website design.

Now I do understand that websites are complicated to build and to navigate.

It’s time-consuming, challenging, and confusing but it’s a necessary asset just like creating an amazing logo-it’s necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a website genius and I went through hundreds of different designs options.

Some were free while others cost money. Most were a waste of time until I found the Divi Builder.

Truth be told, I didn’t find it myself it was recommended to me. I took a look at the benefits and the value that it could bring me and I was pleasantly surprised at all the various options it would bring me. No, I’m not a spokesperson for the Divi Builder and this is not an endorsement.

I was using free WordPress designs for my website. They were okay, but didn’t give me the actual professional look I needed.

My website looked weak and amateurish, something on the border of a fifth grade school project.

In previous years, I even bought template designs some costing as much as $100, some a little less but I was spending money and I still was unhappy with the results.  

When the Divi Builder was recommended to me it allowed me hundreds of different design options if not more. There’s a cost associated with it, actually there are two: One is for a single user and then one is a developer’s pack.

I went with the developer’s pack because it gave me more options.You could do a Google search for the cost of the Divi Builder. You’re going to find three different price points so choose wisely, but find something that can benefit you for years to come.

In this business people go by what they see. If you have a crappy looking website they’re going to judge you and assume that your recruiting service must be crap as well.

Your Profiles must be amazing, your blog posts, and anything else you do must be equally amazing.

Let me know what you think of this topic. Please leave a comment in the Comment section below, Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow!


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