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You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

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Have you ever been to the airport waiting to catch a flight and at the last moment it pops up on one of those little TV monitors saying your flight has been delayed?

You feel pissed off and a little frustrated because you’re going to have to wait hours before the next flight.

Recruiting can piss you off, also.

The process is too long, too confusing with too many details and too many twists and turns.

By senior year high school, student-athletes should basically be a done deal when it comes to recruiting and being offered a scholarship opportunity.

You should have at least a dozen of college programs recruiting you and ultimately making your final choices on where you wish to attend school in the fall.

Far too often student-athletes are entering senior year without a clue whatsoever where they will be taking their talents.

For some odd reason, student-athletes and parents believe the recruiting process begins at the end of senior year.

The senior year is when recruiting process should be coming to a conclusion with the final outcome almost determined.

Many student-athletes will go through their entire senior year with no clue whatsoever where they will be attending college. Their strategies of getting exposure to college coaches were weak, ineffective, and clearly did not work.

For those student-athletes who decided to take action in their senior year, all is not lost. There are still opportunities available.

Those opportunities are limited and you may have to accept an opportunity that really wasn’t high on your list of college programs. After parents wake up from their long college recruiting nap they realize they need to seek out college recruiting help from the college recruiting experts at Woods Recruiting.

The parents of student-athletes are fully aware with their eyes wide open when they realize that they should have taken action sooner.

Woods Recruiting has always been there, you just wanted to put us on hold to see what you could get on your own for free.

College programs are still available. College programs are still out there even if you begin the recruiting process senior year of high school for midway through. The problem is that the availability of college programs is shrinking.

What I have heard a million and one times from these student-athletes and parents, especially those who lost out on college recruiting opportunities, “ I wish I knew about you a year ago.”  I’ve heard that ridiculous quote from parents in my long illustrious career running Woods Recruiting.

I laugh because it’s the exact same quote said exactly the same way from thousands of different parents who don’t even know each other.

I often wondered why these parents did not take action a year ago instead of waiting to see what would happen. Now their sons and daughters college athletic futures have been destroyed, totally ruined, and may be impossible to recover from.

I’ve seen student-athletes who screwed up the recruiting process begin to chase college programs in this game of musical chairs.

It’s important to understand that you should begin the recruiting process as soon as possible, 10th grade year or 11th grade year is ideal.

What is even more troubling in the recruiting process is the lack of urgency on the part of parents.

They believe they have all the time in the world to seek out proper representation, information, and resources in recruiting.

The college recruiting time-clock is ticking when a student-athlete enters high school as a freshman.

Every day lost is a day that cannot be made up.

Recruiting is not like shopping for clothes or groceries, you can do those things on your own time and when you feel like it.

The reason is because the groceries will be there, the clothes will always be there but, quality college programs will not always be there. College coaches are moving on to other student athletes who are showing interest in their programs.

The college coach has not heard of you. The college coach has no reason whatsoever to wait for you. College coaches are moving on to other student-athletes every day.

Too many student-athletes and parents are still stuck trying to figure out what they’re going to do first when it comes to recruiting. Too bad for them.

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