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You Only Get One Chance

You Only Get One Chance

You Only Get One Chance 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

It is the absolute truth for student-athletes when it comes to recruiting: You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete. 

Critical is the understatement. You must do everything in your power to achieve the goal of college placement.

Gigantic numbers of student-athletes slip through the cracks of the recruiting process because they don’t have a strategy, a plan, or consistency. Procrastination is destroying the process.

There is basically no help from the high school coach or club coach. Grades are bad and the struggles of the recruiting process is unfortunate for many.

The problem of recruiting failure cannot be fixed overnight.

There is no magic wand or special formula that the high school coach has in the top drawer of his desk in his junkie office.

You only get one chance. This is not like buying a lottery ticket where you can get as many chances as you want to win the jackpot. The recruiter ‘jackpot’ is going to end when you graduate high school.

It comes down to one chance.

Unfortunately, too many student-athletes are wasting the opportunities.

There are no second chances in recruiting! Once you graduate high school you’re basically done, it’s all over and you could end up in a vicious circle of recruiting musical chairs.

You tried a prep school and that didn’t work out.

You decided on a junior college which may or may not work out so, back to prep school and then maybe another junior college all the while you’re wasting time in these small towns no bigger than the street you live on. 

Keep in mind, you are blowing up. Eligibility years are being taken off the available years you have to give to a college program and you become less and less valuable the more years you waste.

Middle school years through high school, that’s six years to develop your athletic ability and get your name out to a huge number of college programs.

You have had those years to investigate the recruiting process.

Six years is a long time, it’s an opportunity! From middle school to senior year, what have you done? Unfortunately, the numbers are sickening. Student-athletes are slipping and their chances are being blown up. The struggle is real.

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