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You Are Extremely Confused

Using a recruiting service is the wave of the future for just about every high school student athlete who is not in the 1% category.

Parents understand this, recruiting is very demanding along with very time-consuming and confusing.

It seems as though the rules of recruiting are always changing, while in reality it is the interpretation of the rules that are always changing.

You’re paying big money to play on a club team that travels with the hope of getting the exposure for your student-athlete.

The hope is that college coaches will look up long enough from their cell phones to pay attention to what’s going on in the game.

You’re traveling from one tournament to a new tournament during the hot and competitive recruiting season just like all the other parents and student-athletes.

After the summer exposure period is over, many parents are sitting back waiting and assuming college coaches will call, email, send a text message or, better yet, send a letter in the mail.

When those things do not happen in large, consistent numbers then you have to worry that maybe something is going wrong in recruiting.

In most cases, only 1% of high school student athletes are receiving the phone calls, text messages, emails, and letters from college coaches.

coach-footballThe 99% of high school student-athletes are receiving very little or next to nothing in terms of recruiting exposure recognition from college coaches.

As a parent you are extremely confused because you thought if your son or daughter was receiving big-time summer exposure from the high-priced club events, that was all you needed to do to get in front of college coaches.

College coaches are only interested in the very best high school student-athletes. They’re going to focus their attention on the top players from around the country.

If you’re not one of the top players, if you’re not one of the best, if you’re not one of the elite student-athletes then chances are you’re going to be overlooked by college programs. That’s just the way it is, so get used to it.

It is the old way of doing things that destroys the recruiting process for many student-athletes and overly stressed parents.

Putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to exposure events or assistance from high school coaches is not an ideal formula for recruiting.

When the recruiting process has stalled and your various strategies are not working, you have absolutely nothing. You will continue to get nothing in return from recruiting for weeks, months and, possibly, forever.

Maybe you decided to put your video on one of those free video websites with the hope that a college coach is scrolling through the thousands of other videos in the hope they find yours.

You’re a needle in a haystack when it comes to recruiting.

To avoid being crushed in the recruiting process and totally devastated, it’s critical for student-athletes and parents to seek out the help of an experienced college recruiting service such as Woods Recruiting.

Yes, I am giving praise to Woods Recruiting because it’d deserved and because of our longevity. Since 1989 we’ve work with thousands of high school student-athletes helping them reach their goals and dreams of playing in college.

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