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Woods Recruiting Is Right For You

 Think of the college recruiting process as a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces.

It literally could take student athletes and parents years to figure out how all the pieces fit.

Every day lost in the college recruiting process is a day you cannot get back and you cannot make up.

Is it possible for student athletes and parents to do their own recruiting?


Sure it is!

The problem with doing your own recruiting is knowing how to begin; what to do first, what to do next, what to do overall.

The college recruiting process is like the Yellow Pages phone book. In the Yellow Pages, there are thousands of pages of information to decipher and that’s what the recruiting process is.

Many parents of high school student athletes forgo the recruiting process in favor of the help of a coach. Keep in mind that many high school coaches are also teachers and their time is very limited already so they can’t devote too much time towards recruiting.

Why Is Woods Recruiting The Right Fit For You?

Why choose Woods Recruiting?

Experience and knowledge along with dedication to achieving success for all student athletes is our ultimate goal.

Financial Planner. If you came into a lot of money and you weren’t sure how to invest it or manage it, it would be wise to seek out the help of a financial planner. Their job would be to come up with a plan or strategy for your money.

Home Repair. Let’s say you decided to do some work on your house. You could probably go out to Home Depot and get what you need and do the work yourself. Or, let’s say you’re not very skilled at using a hammer and nails. In a situation like that you would hire a home improvement expert.

Mowing the lawn. You could cut your own grass or hire someone to do it for you. Sometimes, with our busy lifestyles and world, we may not have time for yard work, so you would hire a trained professional to do it.

Note: For every job or detailed responsibilities there are trained professionals who are experts at what they do. The same is true in the college recruiting process. Instead of trying to figure out college recruiting on your own, which could take months if not years to figure out, why not hire a trained professional at Woods Recruiting to assist you through every step of the college recruiting process?

Why Is Woods Recruiting The Right Fit For You?

The president of Woods Recruiting is Al Woods who has been involved in the recruiting process since 1989.

Al’s words: “I was recruited to play sports in college. I worked hard as a high school student athlete and I played extremely harder at the college level, so I understand every aspect and detail of recruiting.”

The college recruiting process is not a game of chance, where you’re hoping to get lucky looking for a good college program.

The recruiting process is about developing a strategy and executing that strategy to ensure college placement for all student athletes who are in our program.

Keep in mind that college programs cannot be everywhere to recruit every single student, it’s just impossible.

Someone, somewhere has to put the names of student athletes into the hands of enough college coaches so that student athletes are recruited and placed into college.

The job of the Woods Recruiting scout is to assist student athletes in all aspects of recruiting.

Why Is Woods Recruiting The Right Fit For You?

What are the actual options for student athletes and parents in the recruiting process?

It used to be that it was the sole responsibility of the high school coaches to handle every single detail of the recruiting process.

Those days are long gone.

The days of hiring a true expert is now.

Now’s the time for student athletes and parents to reach out to college recruiting experts who have the knowledge and experience.

The actual options:

High school coach. The high school coach use to be the number one option for student athletes and parents for college recruiting help. The days of using your high school coach are long gone. High school coaches are inundated with the responsibilities of coaching up their own players. A large number of high school coaches are also teachers, therefore the hours available to assist student athletes are limited.

Going it alone. The college recruiting process is like trying to learn a second language. The details are complex and challenging in the college recruiting process. Many parents and student athletes have tried to tackle the recruiting process without much luck only to waste valuable time.

Attending an event. Every high school sport has some kind of club component attached to it. Many student athletes gain exposure, recognition, and attention at various club events and tournaments. This is a great resource for student athletes to be seen by college coaches. Keep in mind that college programs are also scouting out the hundreds of players in attendance at these camps and events.

Hiring Woods Recruiting. Hiring a college recruiting service and working closely with college recruiting scouts is the best direction student athletes and parents should take.

  1. Woods Recruiting offers experienced scouts who have the knowledge and expertise of every detail in the recruiting process and will leave no stone unturned.
  2. Many of the Woods Recruiting scouts were former high school and college athletes and truly understand how the recruiting process works and, most importantly, can relay that information to student athletes and parents.

Why Is Woods Recruiting The Right Fit For You?

We believe we are the right fit for student athletes!

Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely challenging, so doesn’t hiring a college recruiting expert make sense?

Years of Experience. Woods Recruiting has been in existence since 1989 and has helped thousands of high school student athletes get recruited and placed in college.

Our Team of Scouts. Woods recruiting hires only those individuals who had previous athletic experience, either as a former student athlete or a coach. We only look for individuals who understand the ins and outs of the college recruiting process and can relay that information to student athletes and parents.

Our Database of College Programs. Woods Recruiting has a vast database of college programs from every sport. That database of information is constantly being updated because of the constant movement and changes with college programs.

Relationships with College Coaches. Woods Recruiting has developed relationships with college coaches at the division one level, division two level, division three level, the N.A.I.A. level, and junior colleges. At Woods Recruiting, we believe it is critical to maintain strong working relationships with college coaches. This is how we achieve a high level of success in placing student athletes in college.

Success with Placing Student Athletes in College. At Woods Recruiting, we pride ourselves in our high success rate of placing student athletes from all sports in college. We believe there is a college program out there for every student athlete who has the athletic ability and the academic strength to play college sports. Scholarship dollars are out there and it is our job at Woods Recruiting to uncover that hidden money.

Why Is Woods Recruiting The Right Fit For You?

Our college recruiting service is necessary to ensure that student athletes are receiving as much necessary exposure possible.

Put your trust in Woods Recruiting! We will not let you down.

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