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The Woods Recruiting Process For Student Athletes!

The college recruiting process is a jigsaw puzzle with millions of pieces that could take years to put together.

Our team of scouts at Woods Recruiting are highly trained and skilled on how to put the pieces of the recruiting process together.

Going at the recruiting process alone can result in critical mistakes made that many student athletes and parents may not be able to recover from.

Developing College Lists

  1. Developing a target list of college programs. Our scouts at Woods Recruiting will help the student athlete choose the appropriate college programs to target.
  1. Our scouts are not just going to focus on Division I programs. We’re going to focus on college programs that fit the needs of student athletes.
  1. We’re going to focus on Division I, Division II, Division III athletic programs, andNAIA athletic programs. And for those student athletes who do not qualify academically, the focus will be onathletic programs at junior colleges.

Note: The scout, the student athlete, and the parents will decide, as a group, on the appropriate college programs to target. It’s critical to spread out the number of college programs and not focus solely on Division I. If the Division I opportunity is available there is no doubt our scouts can help you reach that level.

eMail Targeted College Programs

  1. E-mail is still an effective and powerful tool in reaching college programs. The Woods Recruiting scout will help the student athlete craft an appropriate e-mail specifically designed to reach college coaches.
  1. Sometimes an e-mail is often abused where high school coaches or other recruiting services constantly blast e-mails to college programs hoping for the best. At Woods Recruiting, we do not believe that is the best approach.
  1. The student athlete and the scout will work together to e-mail a targeted group of college programs. The e-mails will include links to the student athlete’s athletic profile or other critical recruiting news and information on that student athlete.

Note: E-mail is great and at Woods Recruiting we try not to abuse it. We’re not going to send an e-mail to thousands of college coaches at one time because that strategy has never worked. All of our e-mails are specifically crafted, designed, and targeted to individual college coaches with critical recruiting information.

The Athletic Profile

  1. The athletic profile will highlight the student athlete’s athletic and academic achievements. We will include the student athlete’s picture in their athletic gear if at all possible. If there is recruiting video, that will be included on the athletic profile as well.
  1. The athletic profile will constantly be updated with new information on that student athlete’s athletic achievements along with any academic achievements. If there are additional videos they will be included as well.
  1. College coaches love information. College coaches want to be constantly updated on what that student athlete is doing from game to game during their season and throughout the academic school year.

Note: There’s a sad misconception that suggests that if the student athlete is good enough, college coaches will somehow find them.

At Woods Recruiting, we believe that someone has to put that information about student athletes into the hands of college coaches over and over again.

The exact science of the college recruiting process suggests that recruiting services, such as Woods Recruiting, have the ability and the capability to consistently supply college coaches with vital information on student athletes.


  1. Twitter is an incredible way to network and reach a large number of college coaches. Twitter is great because we can submit short and to the point information about a student athlete to a college coach.
  1. College coaches are on Twitter and it’s largely due to the fact that they’re on their cell phones 24 hours a day. College coaches are constantly checking for updates or other important information on student athletes.

We believe reaching college coaches on Twitter with the appropriate strategies is a great way to network with them.

  1. All of our scouts at Woods Recruiting have their own Twitter page and have been trained on the appropriate uses of Twitter.

Note: Twitter monitoring. Student athletes need to be fully aware that college coaches are watching and reading everything they do on social media.

Our job at Woods Recruiting is to monitor what the student athlete is doing on social media. Sometimes, posting inappropriate images or messages can result in that college program losing interest in you.

The perfect rule of thumb for Twitter is for student athletes and their parents to post information related,to the student athlete’s athletic abilities and their academics. Always keep your messages positive in nature.


  1. Facebook is very powerful in reaching college coaches. The big difference that Facebook offers over Twitter is the length of a message that can be posted. Video and images can also be added to Facebook very easily.
  1. All of our scouts at Woods Recruiting have a Facebook fan page. The fan page is designed for scouts to post positive information about recruiting along with networking with college coaches where our scouts can supply those coaches with information on our student athletes. 

Note: Facebook monitoring. Just like on Twitter, our scouts want to monitor student athletes’ posts on Facebook to ensure that everything is on the up and up and is appropriate.

It’s critical to understand that college coaches are watching everything student athletes do on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.Consulting And Education.

  1. The college recruiting process is very confusing and challenging. All of our scouts at Woods Recruiting are experienced in all aspects of the recruiting process. A huge role for scouts is to consult and educate student athletes and parents on the various do’s and don’ts of the recruiting process.
  1. Mistakes are constantly being made in the recruiting process by student athletes and parents because they do not have the correct information.

Oftentimes, the recruiting process is totally ruined because parents and student athletes are guided in the wrong direction.

Our scouts at Woods Recruiting will work closely with student athletes and parents, guiding them step by step through the recruiting process to avoid critical mistakes.

  1. Those student athletes who have the correct information often end up at the collegiate level. Our team at Woods Recruiting is experienced in the college recruiting process. Many of our scouts were once recruited into college themselves and clearly understand every single aspect of the recruiting process because many of our scouts have experienced it first-hand.

Note: The rules of the recruiting process are basically the same, every now and then there are changes and adjustments. Parents and student athletes should not be bogged down with the time-consuming activities of trying to learn and understand the NCAA rule book.

There are a lot of student athletes who were good enough to play in college, but it never happened for them due to lack of information.

Many of the student athletes have it stuck in their heads certain recruiting strategies or details not knowing that the information is totally wrong causing that student athlete to miss out on the recruiting process altogether.

Total Commitment

  1. Our scouts at Woods Recruiting will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to find college placement for our student athletes.

The college recruiting process is exactly what it says: it’s a process, and this process can take months sometimes years to complete. Going from high school athlete to college athlete is not an overnight process.

Keep in mind that the student athlete is probably one of millions of other student athletes who are looking to take their talents to the collegiate level.There’s a whole lot of factors that go into getting a student athlete recruited. 

  1. Academics. Having good grades and a strong standardized test score is critical in gaining the attention of college coaches. If you have bad grades I can guarantee you that college coaches will treat you as though you were invisible. 
  1. Athletic talent. Can you play at the collegiate level? By the time our scouts have approached you, they have already evaluated where you stand in the eyes of college coaches. 
  1. Are you a knucklehead? College coaches do not want to recruit knuckleheads. If you’re a student athlete who is constantly getting into trouble or causing problems, college programs will turn their backs on you. 
  1. What kind of teammate are you? When you come out the game, do you sit on the bench and put a towel over your head? Are you a good teammate? While sitting on the bench, are you supporting your teammates who are still in the game? 
  1. How do you perform? Are you constantly hustling and getting maximum effort during the game? Or are you one of those athletes who takes plays off from time to time.

Remember, college coaches are always watching you. They are watching everything you do during the game, how you act and react on the bench, and your practice habits. 

  1. Are you coachable? Many student athletes, unfortunately, are not disciplined enough to accept coaching criticism and instruction. A huge part of being an athlete is to be able to accept coaching criticism. This is how you improve and get better. 
  1. When no one is watching. College coaches love to hear stories about student athletes working on their game when no one is watching. Are you constantly in the gym training and perfecting your talents? If you’re one of those student athletes who do not love to practice this could be a turnoff to college coaches. 

Our Scouts

All of our scouts at Woods Recruiting go through an Intensive Training Program. You cannot be a scout at Woods Recruiting until you complete the program.

Even though many of our scouts bring a certain level of knowledge and experience to Woods Recruiting, there are still certain things they are made aware of doing it the Woods Recruiting way. 

  1. Information. All of our scouts are trained on how to provide the appropriate information to student athletes and parents during the recruiting process. 
  1. College placement. All of our scouts understand the strategies and techniques that are required to get a student athlete recruited and placed in college. 
  1. Evaluation. Our scouts understand and are trained in evaluation techniques to better determine the level of college a student athlete can play at. 
  1. E-mail. Our scouts understand the importance of e-mail and how to craft the appropriate e-mail to send to college coaches. 
  1. Social media websites. Social media is a huge part of the recruiting process and all of our scouts know exactly how to use it. 
  1. Networking with college coaches. Woods Recruiting has the Golden Rolodex of college coaches’ inner networks. Many of our scouts already have relationships with many college coaches throughout the country. 

Note: The Intensive Training Program that our scouts must complete is anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks. In order to be a scout at Woods Recruiting, the Intensive Training Program must be completed.

The Intensive Training Program is done one on one via Skype for an hour each week. Each scout receives an eBook associated with each session along with a series of detailed homework assignments that must be completed.

We believe our Intensive Training Program is completely and totally unique from anything else in the entire recruiting industry.

The Intensive Training Program is not a formality but a critical component to achieve long-lasting success at Woods Recruiting.

Once the scout has completed the Intensive Training Program, he or she will be a certified college recruiting scout. 

Al Woods, President of Woods Recruiting

Al Woods started Woods Recruiting in August of 1989. Al has a huge amount of knowledge and experience of every single aspect and detail of the college recruiting process.

Al played high school basketball at Bayside High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Attended college where he played collegiate basketball at West Virginia State University.

Play professionally in Argentina.

Al understands the college recruiting process inside and out because he lived it first-hand. Many recruiting services do not have the experience that Al Woods has.

All of the scouts at Woods Recruiting must go through the interview process with Al Woods.

Woods Recruiting has worked with and placed thousands of high school student athletes in college. Al Woods was directly responsible for changing the lives of thousands of student athletes, helping them get scholarships or strong financial packages to live their dreams of being a college student athlete.

Many recruiting services come and go; Woods Recruiting is not going anywhere!!!! 

No Guarantee

Woods Recruiting cannot guarantee a full athletic scholarship. Woods Recruiting or any of our scouts cannot promise a full athletic scholarship.

We can guarantee that we will do our very best and give you 110% of our efforts, knowledge, and experience to achieve college placement.

Sometimes there are factors that prohibit student athletes from getting recruited and placed in college that are out of the control of Woods Recruiting.

Throughout the history of Woods Recruiting, we have maintained a 95% success rate. Five percent of the student athletes we worked with do not get recruited or placed in college.

Sometimes the reasons are somewhat ridiculous on the part of the student athletes and their parents.

  1. Bad grades.
  1. Criminal behavior.
  1. Poor social media behavior.

Note: Throughout the history of Woods Recruiting, we have brought scholarship offers to student athletes who have turned down and/or rejected those offers.

Woods Recruiting should not be held responsible if the student athlete and their family repeatedly reject scholarship offers that are brought to them by our staff.

The recruiting process is different from anything any of our scouts and staff have ever experienced.

The 95%:

At Woods Recruiting, we take pride in achieving our goals of assisting student athletes in securing a full athletic scholarship or a strong financial package to attend college.

Many of our scouts at Woods Recruiting were former student athletes or coaches who have worked in some kind of athletic capacity and who truly understand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of student athletes.

We take great pride in being able to proudly say we helped a student athlete live their dream and achieve their goals of college placement.

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