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Why Not Go For Division One

Why Not Go For Division One

Why Not Go For Division One 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Student-athletes are conditioned to achieve excellence, ignore pain, striving constantly in their sport and in the classroom with full intensity.

The coach is drilling into their heads the importance of teamwork, giving it your all for your team, your teammates, and for your school.

Out of nowhere, with good or bad intentions, is the suggestion to look at second best. How confusing for student-athletes, being told the opposite when coaches religiously preached on them to be the very best.

Your dream is to play at the division one level so, why not go for it? It’s the highest level to reach! All anyone has ever talked about, when it comes to recruiting is division one. 

Division one athletics is broadcast widely on television. Major college football programs have sellout crowds. Major college basketball arenas are overcrowded along with indoor arena broadcasts on ESPN and many other major networks.

Student-athletes are consumed with and bombarded with division one programs because they are household names and the logos are recognized instantly.

Division two programs do not have the same luxury of playing on TV in front of sellout crowds on major networks. Most of us don’t even know these programs exist. If we were shown logos of division two programs it would draw a blank stare from almost everyone.

 Why not shoot for the best and only accept only the best? Your daily thoughts as a student-athlete should be to strive for excellence, anything else is unacceptable.

Give it everything you’ve got in the classroom and on the battlefield of play to achieve division one recognition.

Summer is hot, no doubt about it, but that’s the time the recruiting process is in full swing. Student-athletes are competing in tournaments, exposure events, showcases or whatever you want to call them. 

The college coaches are drooling over themselves with joy and the opportunity to evaluate the plethora of available talent.

Whatever category student-athletes may fall, it’s critical that they give 100 percent and even more every second in one of those events! Give it everything you’ve got because college coaches are watching you.

Maybe you’re that key ingredient they need for their program or maybe you’re just not the fit they’re looking for.

Whatever the scenario, give it everything you’ve got and let the chips fall where they may.

Let me know what you think of this topic. I would like for you to leave a comment below. Your support is greatly appreciated!


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