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When To Start The Recruiting Process

When To Start The Recruiting Process
When To Start The Recruiting Process

Recruiting is hard. The process is long and sometimes confusing. The debate has always been, when should a student-athlete begin the recruiting process?

There’s no correct answer when it should begin. The process is based solely on the athletic development of the student-athlete.

Let’s not forget the academic development as well.  All student-athletes develop and mature at different levels and different phases of their lives.

There may be some student-athletes who are in middle school and have developed physically to the point where they probably could begin the recruiting process now. There are others who may not develop until their junior or senior year of high school.

I would base my decision on development, academics, and the desire to play at the college level.

When To Start The Recruiting Process

There are so many components in recruiting.

The process of going from high school athlete to college athlete is a long. When you see student-athletes on the National Letter-of-Intent Day and they’re excited, holding up a hat or jersey indicating what college program they’re going to be playing for, it’s a combination of their years of hard work and dedication to their sport. It’s years of academic development, it’s years of blood, sweat, and tears, it’s years of financial commitment to their sport and their overall growth and development.

This is something that didn’t happen overnight. A lot of student-athletes have been at it since the 7th grade through senior year. That’s six years of dedication towards recruiting.

Key Components.

  • Academic Development.
  • Athletic Development.
  • Club Or Travel Ball.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Great Video.

When To Start The Recruiting Process

The day after the NLI Signing Day, there will be many student-athletes who are unsigned. Then you’ll begin to see popping up everywhere Unsigned Senior events. Those are traps, so be careful.

You mean to tell me that after four to six years of being involved in the recruiting process, that one weekend is going to erase all of those years of recruiting failure?

In a single weekend, when hundreds of weekends have disappeared without anything positive happening in recruiting, all of that will change because of an unsigned senior event?

Magically, college coaches will finally appear and take notice of the student-athletes at this event. If you are stupid enough to believe that, I would like to sell you my ownership rights in the Brooklyn Bridge.

When To Start The Recruiting Process

Start the recruiting process today without delay. Unfortunately, you have student-athletes and parents who sit back and do nothing when it comes to recruiting.

Recruiting is like a toothache; the longer you avoid going to the dentist, the worse it will get. If you sit back and do nothing the problem and the pain won’t go away, it will still be there.

When To Start The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process starts on so many levels. If you play on a club team in tournaments or you’re at camps where college coaches are in attendance, that’s a great way to get exposure.

It’s the summer months where recruiting begins and ends for many student-athletes. There’s also going to be student-athletes who still get overlooked at those summer exposure events.

There’s just too many student-athletes out there and not enough college coaches to see them all play.

It’s critical to begin the process early. This gives you years to build relationships with college coaches. It’s totally worth it because the Ultimate Prize is a full athletic scholarship.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting absolutely is not the same for every student athlete. It’s important to understand that if you are ready to start the recruiting process start now. Map out a strategy of what college programs you wish to target. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, meaning don’t focus all your attention on division 1. Look at division 2 programs as well.

I would want to know how many schools I could get interested in me and how many scholarship offers I could get. I’d also like to know who’s not interested in me and get them out the way immediately.

If you’re one of the top 1% of high school student-athletes in the country the information in this blog post doesn’t apply to you.

To the other 99% of the high school student-athletes, all of this information is for you.

Begin the recruiting process now. Be consistent in your approach to the college programs. Don’t give up! Be relentless and good things will happen.


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