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What The Hell Are You Waiting For?

It’s Only Money.

But that is what’s standing in the way of parents moving forward with Woods Recruiting.

You are letting money cloud your judgement and destroy your son’s or daughter’s athletic future.

The recruiting process is not free, it never has been and never will be.

If you continue to sit on the sidelines and wait for a miracle to happen, that miracle you’re hoping for will turn into a nightmare.

You have absolutely no constructive reason on why you’re waiting.

You have no logical reason to suggest you are waiting on the recruiting process.

Many parents when asked, why are you waiting or what are you thinking about?  A large number do not have an answer to these questions because they don’t know what they’re thinking about. They don’t know what they’re waiting for; they just don’t know what they’re doing.

parents-whatHuge numbers of parents would rather wait and hope for something to happen in recruiting.

Recruiting is not a game you want to play around with.

Recruiting is not like a board game when you’re done playing you can just put it back in the box.

If you don’t seek out proper representation in the college recruiting process, I believe you’re going to kill all chances you have of getting recruited for college. That’s just how it is.

What are you waiting for?

Why do you continue to sit on the sidelines and wait?

You would not wait to get a tooth pulled.

You would not wait to buy groceries if you’re starving.

You are dying of thirst in the college recruiting process, but you refuse to quench that thirst.

You are hopelessly running around in circles and you think that’s okay.

College coaches are not calling you for a reason.

You have not received an email or a text message, or an invite from a college coach for a reason.

The reason, in large part, is because you’re doing absolutely nothing to make recruiting happen.

The reason you will never get recruited for college is because you have your head stuck in the sand and you cannot get it out.

Your head is stuck in the clouds because you are not paying attention to the obvious signs that you need to take action for your student athlete.

Many parents will wait until the absolute last minute before they seek out college recruiting help.

Many parents, when all hope is lost in the recruiting process and are slipping away really fast, will finally seek out help.

When recruiting has been destroyed and mistakes have been made that’s when parents will finally seek out help.

faithWhen the high school coach quits or gets fired or refuses to help in any significant way, that’s when parents finally speak out help.

When your club coach refuses to lift a finger and contact that college coach for you that’s when you realize all is lost in recruiting and you need to seek out college recruiting help.

I’m telling you right now you cannot call 911 for college recruiting help. There will be no one to pick up the phone. You  cannot get help.

The college recruiting process has been totally ruined and destroyed because you are sitting back, waiting, and wasting valuable time.

You are wasting valuable days, weeks, and months in recruiting because you want to sit back believing that college coaches will find you.

I’m here to tell you, the joke is on you. You have been played for a fool.

The college recruiting process is winning, you are losing and there’s nothing you can do about it if you wait too late.

The joke is on you.  You you are ruining your son’s athletic future; you are ruining your daughter’s athletic future; you are destroying and devastating their chances in the recruiting process if you do not take action and seek out proper representation today.

So you’re scared to spend money in the college recruiting process. Let me tell you, you’re going to end up spending a whole lot more money trying to find a future or a career for them because they did not go to college.

Take a look at your son and daughter and how they’re going to feel when the recruiting process is crumbling down like a ton of bricks on top of you.

You are being totally crushed by the college recruiting process because you refused to take action.

Many parents are hard-headed and stubborn to take action and those results will get you nowhere, will ruin you, will destroy you, will totally devastate your child’s life and their future because you did not take action in recruiting. That’s just how it is because that’s how the process works.  It is the reality of college recruiting.

You do not have to take my word for it, but if you want to play this game of college recruiting Russian roulette I guarantee you, you will end up shooting yourself in the head.  

baseball-player-parentI speak to college coaches all the time, they’re only interested in student athletes who can play at their level and who have good grades.

The problem with recruiting is many of these college coaches do not know you exist because you refuse to take action.

In your refusal to take action, I guarantee you will destroy your child’s chances and hopes of ever playing in college.

I have seen what happens to student athletes who do not have an athletic career, whose future in sports had been crushed.

I’ve seen the total annihilation of their lives because they have no athletics, no education, no hope for a future. It’s almost like they’ve been totally wiped out and their lives have very little or no meaning whatsoever.

You do not have to take my word for it, but I’m here to tell you I’ve been in the business a very long time and I have talked to what seems like a million parents of high school student athletes. There is nothing that anyone can say to me that I have not heard.

I am tired of your sick, silly, and stupid excuses.

I am tired of your whining and crying about the recruiting process.

I am tired of hearing your complaints about your coach or your club team or your school or all the other players on your son’s or daughter’s team.

I’m tired of hearing about you not having the proper video or enough video.

baseball-ballYou all are losers because you are not taking action and not seeking out the proper advice from an expert who is trained to help student athletes get recruited. What are you going to do about it?

It is up to the parents of high school student athletes because you have the financial power. You have the financial resources to change the life of your child.

Without your financial backing and support you will be running the risk of your child not going to college.

You have a major impact on their future and I am sure you do not want that kind of devastation on your mind for the rest of your life.

The last thing I’m sure you wish to not happen is to sit back and say if only I had done more, if only I had reached out for proper representation for my child, if only I had consulted a trained professional, if only I talked to someone who had been through this process. If only…

If only is regret and that’s what you will feel if your son or daughter end up not going to college or the end up at a college program beneath their athletic ability.

It is real people, it is totally real. I have seen it happen far too many times and I’m here to tell you to ask us for help. Talk to us, consult with us and let us help you. Let us work with you in the college recruiting process.out proper representation from Woods Recruiting before it is too late!

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