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What Are College Coaches Looking For In Recruits?

What Are College Coaches Looking For In Recruits?

 What Are College Coaches Looking For In Recruits? 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Positive impact are the influences student-athletes can bring to a college program from the point of view of the college coach. 

A bad attitude, rotten apples, or the bad seeds can upset the apple cart in terms of selecting the wrong student-athlete to recruit.

They don’t want you. The last thing a college coach ever wants to deal with is an orchard of bad apples, meaning student-athletes.

The off-season is as important as in-season in terms of recruiting. The deep investigations the college coaches undergo are analyzing every aspect of a student-athlete’s life. 

The questions are: What type of attitude does the athlete have?

How do they react if they lose a game or two? tell me about their work ethic? Is he/she a great teammate? These are the intangibles being scrutinized as though it was a grocery store shopping list.

The intangibles are the ingredients, like chicken noodle soup.

A bad attitude and poor work ethic will get you dumped in the trash. A selfish attitude and poor demeanor means you will be passed over even though you may have superior athletic ability.

None of that matters if you’re a jerk.

Understand, they’re watching the warm-ups, your interaction with your teammates, how you respond during timeouts or when you’re sitting on the bench.

Your behavior is constantly under the microscope.

Can you accept the coach? Do you argue visibly with your coaches? These are the aspects college programs are watching closely.

All negativity will eliminate you from the recruiting process quicker than you can turn off the light switch in your bedroom.

If all the criteria is not being met, then you’ll end up at a college program beneath your athletic ability. You’re too much of a headache and you will be dropped from one college program.

You will latch onto another one only to be dropped again because the negativity follows you around like bad gossip.

Your athletic future is being destroyed because of your negative actions, but you’re too dumb to see it.

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