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College Scouts: Understand The Importance Of Lead Generation

We Need More College Scouts

‘One is the loneliest number in the universe.’ I do believe that is in a song I once heard from way back in the day. We’re talking about the importance of lead generation. Without someone to talk to on a daily basis you will struggle consistently as a College Scout.

More is always better.

In this situation, the more people you have to talk to the more you will increase the odds of signing up student-athletes on a consistent basis. If you are consistently signing up student-athletes that means you will be in the running to receive referrals.

For every student-athlete you sign up go back to those happy parents and ask them for the names, phone numbers, or email addresses if possible of three other families.

Why not focus on one new name of a high school student-athlete every day.

It is not impossible in a single week, which extends to seven days, to acquire seven leads which are the names and phone numbers of student-athletes and their parents.

It’s important to build relationships with high school and club coaches. Those could be the number one source to acquiring the leads critically needed.

Be visible at high school sporting events and do your best to identify who the parents are.  

If it all possible, talk with the student-athlete after the game, get their name and phone number and then, and only then, give them your business card.

You should be a heat-seeking missile when it comes to acquiring the leads of student-athletes and parents.

Be consistent in acquiring new information on student-athletes. This should be your top priority.

In a given year you should have no less than 365 leads of student-athletes in a database that’s easily accessible.

Don’t write them down alphabetically in a notebook because it would be impossible to keep track of all of that and that is old school.

Believe it or not we have technology that supersedes the notebook.

Focus on one because it is the loneliest number in the universe.

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