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The college recruiting process is not free. To get recruited for college is going to cost money.

Woods Recruiting does charge a fee for its services.

When you talk to one of our Scouts or Recruiting Directors they will tell you how much it costs during your one on one conversation.

freeYou get what you pay for. What do you actually think you can get for free?

The college recruiting process is not free, neither is Woods Recruiting.

We provide great value to our student athletes and the parents who sign up with Woods Recruiting.

If you want to get recruited and placed in college it’s going to cost you money.

If you’re serious about the recruiting process then take action today to help create an athletic future for your son or daughter.

There are hundreds of individuals out there who have free recruiting services. What do you expect to get from them for free?

How hard are they willing to work for you for free?

Free offers absolutely no value whatsoever and is a total waste of time.

There are free recruiting services where you can get a profile but it’s free and very few, if any, college coaches would actually read it or contact you mainly because it’s free and it offers no value.

Parents are paying for results and with the results of using a recruiting service such as Woods Recruiting, you also want great value for your money.

  1. We offer great value for your money.
  2. We have an experienced team of specialists at Woods Recruiting.
  3. Our ultimate goal is your college recruiting success.
  4. We care about every student athlete and their parents.
  5. The history of our success is based on the number of student athletes we’ve gotten into college.




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