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There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase

There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase

There’s More To Recruiting Than The Showcase¬†

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The goal is to showcase your talents during the hot steamy summer months. This is what student-athletes strive for.

110% is the effort given in front of college coaches who you’re trying to impress.

This is basically what the showcase is all about. You’re not there to impress the coach with your brand new Nike’s or your fresh hairstyle. It’s all about your athletic ability.

College programs have evaluated your talent, you were amazing!

The next question is, now what? What’s next in the process of going from high school athlete to college athlete?

You’re thinking maybe you’ll just sit back and wait to be contacted by all of those college coaches who saw you showcase your talent in the sizzling hot recruiting season.

The major problem after the recruiting summer season has ended is that most do not know what to do next.

The parents, the student-athletes, and the coaches are struggling who is going to represent the student-athlete after they have displayed their athletic ability. The parents have invested thousands of dollars in these showcases and they’re wondering what’s next.

You can sit back and do nothing because you gave it your all during the showcase season.

The confusion sets in when you are sitting back and waiting, but nothing happens. College coaches have seen you play, they know your name, they have evaluated your talent, some have even greeted you with a hello.

What’s next, is your thought. Will they make an offer? Will you ever hear from them again? Is there a road map, blueprint, or a guide that I can study?

Large numbers of student-athletes slip through the cracks of the recruiting process. It can be directly related to the slow motion results after the summer recruiting season has ended.

You’ve attended countless showcases displaying your talents for all the see. Only a few are going to get the recognition. Some may get some form of attention. The rest of you may get lukewarm recognition, if any.

What happens after the summer showcase season as it relates to recruiting? Nobody knows.

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow!


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