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Team at Woods RecruitingThe college recruiting process is a jigsaw puzzle; it is extremely hard and challenging to put all the pieces together.

At Woods Recruiting, we are hiring college recruiting scouts who can help parents and student athletes put the pieces of the recruiting jigsaw puzzle together.

To go from high school athlete to college athlete is an extremely challenging process. The role of the college scout is to navigate through the challenges of the recruiting process so it’s clear and easy to understand for parents of student athletes.

At Woods Recruiting, we are training a team of scouts who can help guide parents and student athletes through the daily challenges of recruiting.

There are horror stories of where student athletes who have all the talent to play at the college level, but for some unknown reason it never worked out for them.

At Woods Recruiting, we are looking to bring about major changes in the college recruiting process which allows us to work with and assist more student athletes.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Woods Recruiting team, click now for more information. Click here!

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