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Recruiting is not easy for college coaches. Coaches are consistently reviewing videos of players to determine athletic ability and character.

Many talented high school student athletes often get overlooked by college programs because of character flaws.

There could be half a dozen high school student athletes who have similar athletic ability and athletic strengths.

Sometimes the deciding factor of offering a student athlete a scholarship or turning their back on them forever could come down to personal conduct and character issues.

The Three Reasons College Coaches Don’t Like You

  1. You’re a knucklehead: I’ve been around student athletes who were extremely talented. There are student athletes out there who have so much talent that college coaches are willing to look the other way in regards to their character issues.

Nowadays, student athletes’ character issues are costing college coaches their jobs and careers.

College coaches are not going to recruit student athletes who are straight up knuckleheads.

  1. Bad Grades: Academics are just as important as how you do athletically.

If you were to take a poll of one hundred college coaches from various sports and asked them what are the top two questions you ask about a student athlete, I guarantee you the answers would be, “What are their grades like?” and “Can they play?”

I can guarantee you one thing; if you have bad grades you will be invisible to college coaches.

It is critical for student athletes to put the same kind of effort that’s put into their athletic ability into their academic power to be the best student they can be.

  1. Poor Social Media Behavior: High school student athletes are doing dumb things on social media websites.

These athletes are posting inappropriate pictures and sometimes making horrible and inappropriate comments about others.

A word to the wise; college coaches are watching everything you do on social media.

There have been a number of high school student athletes who have lost scholarship opportunities because of something stupid they posted on a social media.

The Three Reasons College Coaches Don’t Like You

Final thoughts:

Recruiting is very complex for college coaches and even more so for parents and student athletes.

Sometimes the smallest thing can change college coaches minds about student athletes.

Student athletes, try to be the best teammate you can possibly be, the best classmate you can possibly be and the best citizen in your community that you can be.

Work real hard in the classroom to get the best grades possible.

Be very careful of what you say and do on social media websites because college coaches are paying attention.

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