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It seems to me that the college recruiting process is kind of like a game show where the best contestants end up winning the best prizes. The ultimate prize is a college scholarship.

Who has the upper hand in the college recruiting process? If you’re a superstar, blue-chip caliber high school athlete, then maybe you have the upper hand because you’re in a situation where you can pick and choose which college you wish to attend.

If you’re not in that blue-chip category then maybe recruiting will seem like one long audition.

Building a relationship with a college program will be an uphill battle because a particular college program may receive thousands of requests from high school student athletes and it will become almost impossible to be found through all those other student athletes.

But all is not lost. There may be a way to cut through what may seem like an endless battle of trying to network with college programs. The more practical way would be to build a relationship with college coaches.

How should you go about this?

Face to face meetings are a great way for student athletes to build relationships with college coaches. A handwritten letter to a college coach is also a way of creating opportunities because a coach will open a handwritten letter first before an email.

The unofficial campus visit is another great way for student athlete to get their recruiting package into the hands of a college coach. This package could include DVD’s, transcripts, a sealed handwritten letter, game schedules and any other important information that you can fit into an oversized envelope.

Club ball during the summer months can be an opportunity where student athletes can attract the attention of college program.

It all starts with building a relationship. If a student athlete, and a student athlete only, cannot build a relationship with a college coach then chances are the recruiting process will be a struggle of missed opportunities for the remainder of your high school athletic career.

Keep in mind, thousands of student athletes are mailing in DVD’s to college program; thousands of parents of high school student athletes could also be mailing in DVD’s and additional information to college coaches and, on top of all that, the high school coach could be working behind the scenes getting information out to college programs on behalf of their student athletes.

It all sounds good but if everyone is doing the same thing it could become a problem from the college coaches’ perspective meaning, how would they have the time to daily review everything that is mailed to them?

Early in your high school athletic career should be the time to begin the process of building a relationship with a large number of college coaches.

Now is the time!!

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