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The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

The college recruiting process does not care who you are.

The college recruiting process plays no favorites.

The college recruiting process does not care where you live.

The college recruiting process does not care how much money your parents make.

The college recruiting process does not care what color you are.

The college recruiting process only cares about superior student athletes with very good grades.

It is important to understand the recruiting process begins very early. Ninth or tenth grade year in my opinion is when the recruiting process begins.

Parents of high school student-athletes need to understand that just because your son or daughter is in the 9th or 10th grade does not mean you have all the time in the world.

The rules of the college recruiting process are very strict, very rigid, very demanding, and very confusing.

Parents, you are already wasting valuable time by sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing.

Think of the recruiting process as having a large coupon book.

Your coupon book is a valuable book to have because it offers so many things.

For example:

Video. You’re going to have a video of your son or daughter performing athletically.

Video is a great thing to have because college coaches will evaluate student-athletes based on video and determine if they want to proceed with recruiting.

You have just used up a coupon.

Club Ball Or Travel Ball. Every high school sport has some kind of club or travel ball component attached to it.

This is where student-athletes are playing during the summer months at various tournaments and camps all across the country.

College coaches are in attendance at many of these events.

But you have no way of knowing if a college coach is interested in your son or daughter.

How do you know they are watching your son or daughter play?

You have absolutely no way of ever knowing if a college coach is interested in you.

You just used up another coupon in your book of coupons.

The High School Coach. The old rules of recruiting suggest it is the high school coaches’ responsibilities to handle all aspects of recruiting.

That strategy of recruiting no longer works and is highly ineffective.

High school coaches do not have the time to help their student-athletes get recruited; it’s almost impossible.

Many high school coaches are teachers collecting a full time salary and they are coaching on the side getting a small part time paycheck. High school coaches have struggled with the recruiting process for decades and will continue to do so because of the lack of time, resources, energy, and effort.

It is just too confusing and extremely time-consuming, which are the rigors of the recruiting process to be executed effectively by high school coaches.

Many parents don’t know that relying heavily on the high school coach’s opinion and so-called expertise, could result in very disappointing outcomes.

You have just now used up another coupon in your book of free college recruiting coupons.

Going At It Alone. Many parents have decided to tackle the responsibility of recruiting on their own.

This is a very risky proposition.  

I personally don’t know anything about cars, very little.

If I go under the hood of a car attempting to fix something more than likely I’m going to mess something up, causing me a great deal of money, a huge waste of time and a lot of frustration.  

Parents of student-athletes have partaken the recruiting process on their own with frustrating results.

Time is wasted because of mistakes.

The results are weak and disappointing.

Now the parents have used up another valuable free college recruiting coupon.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve used up all your college recruiting coupons basically, all of your options have also been depleted and you’ve wasted valuable time.

You have also lost time that cannot ever be replaced and now you are backed into a corner with no way out.

Many parents will go through the various scenarios I’ve described wasting months of valuable time.

The student-athlete will now end up either not going to college at all because no college programs know about them or they will end up at a college program way beneath their athletic ability.

Stop wasting time! Take action now!

Parents, please understand that if you delay the process because you want to use all the free college recruiting options, you are going to run the risk of your student-athlete not getting recruited for college at all.

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