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College scouts can be the eyes and ears of the recruiting process for college coaches.

There are going to be student athletes who are very talented but are still being overlooked and under-recruited by college programs.

There will never be a shortage of high school student athletes who have the talent and the ability to play at the college level.

The power of being a college scout suggests that you would be in the position to work exclusively with huge numbers of student athletes based on your successful reputation in the high school sports community.

The parents rely heavily on the advice of a college scout who is a trained expert in assisting student athletes and educating parents on the challenges of the college recruiting process.

How Woods Recruiting separates itself from all other recruiting services is our ability to choose the right type of individuals to join the Woods Recruiting team, has the discipline to complete our Intensive Training program and, most importantly, who are dedicated to seeing student athletes achieve success.



The recruiting process is extremely challenging for college coaches.

It is almost impossible for college coaches to scout out all the available high school student athletes.

Because of rules and restrictions set by the NCAA, it is becoming increasingly challenging for college programs to see all student athletes play.College scouts have a unique advantage.

College scouts can attend as many games as they wish and can talk to as many student athletes and parents whenever they can.

College scouts have the ability to evaluate a large number of student athletes where college coaches are not afforded that same opportunity.

My Thoughts On The Power Of Being A College Scout

The Power Of Being A College Scout

  1. Helping Student Athletes Achieve Their Goal Of Playing In College.
  2. Become A Force In The Community.
  3. Build Strong Relationships With High School Coaches.
  4. Build Strong Relationships With Club Coaches.
  5. Build A Solid Reputation Helping Student Athletes.

The role of a college scout should not be taken for granted.

It is a valuable responsibility to be able to assist high school student athletes and educate their parents on the college recruiting process. 

Going from high school athlete to college athlete is not easy, it’s critical for parents and student athletes to seek out the advice of a trained college scout. 

Let’s be clear about one thing: Parents of high school student athletes know very little about how the college recruiting process works.


The Power Of Being A College Scout

Many out there will tell you that college recruiting services are not needed.

The fact remains that thousands of high school student athletes in local communities across this country slip through the cracks of the college recruiting process all the time.

This problem is not going to go away and college recruiting services are needed in the most incredible way.

We already know that a lot of high school coaches could care less about the recruiting process.

We also know that college coaches cannot be everywhere, therefore the need for recruiting services is there not only to help student athletes get recruited and placed in college, but also to help parents from making fatal mistakes in the recruiting process.

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