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The Offer

The Offer

The Offer

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

It’s packaged nicely and presented to the student-athlete. Inside is the offer that student-athletes desperately seeks and their parents, with huge anxiety and fears, hoped for.

The recruiting process is a jungle filled with many traps, quicksand, falling trees, wild animals, and a multitude of obstacles that’s almost impossible to navigate without a blueprint or guide. 

What’s really inside the offer from a college program: The belief that every school is offering a full athletic scholarship which is not true. 

The problems with recruiting are the student-athlete is receiving an offer from a college program, but it ends up being a disappointment. It’s kind of like opening a box of a brand new pair of Nike’s only to find out there’s only one shoe in the box and it’s the wrong size.

That’s a huge disappointment, wouldn’t you agree?

Being recruited buy multiple college programs is the goal. The offer is made, but if you are only being recruited by one school the offer is nothing of any real value.

The major college program may like you, they may even love you, they may even offer you a full scholarship, but it could quickly turn into a walk-on opportunity and not much other than that.

You are hooked on the thought of a bright future, the bright lights of division one. You’re tempted to accept this offer, but it’s really a trap. You’re going to end up paying out of your pocket. Just sit  the bench. That’s not much of an offer in reality.

Be aware of the bright lights. Every college sport is different in terms of scholarships or financial package offers.

Ask questions about the scholarship. Will you receive one? Will it be a full scholarship or how much money does the school plan on giving the cover academic side and athletic side? 

It’s critical in nature to include as many college programs in your search as possible. Multiple offers is your goal. Let everyone know who’s recruiting you, that will drive the price up and could lead to a full scholarship or all of your education being paid for.

I’d like to know what you think of this topic. Do me a huge favor: leave a comment below. Your comments are the oxygen I need to grow.


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