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The Mass-Mailing Dilemma

The Mass-Mailing Dilemma

The Mass-Mailing Dilemma


Like a big bonanza cash sweepstakes, college coaches send out hundreds if not thousands of recruiting letters to unsuspecting student-athletes everywhere. 

These letters mostly contain questionnaires sent directly to the student-athlete’s high school in care of the coach. 

On a particular day, randomly out of nowhere a student-athlete is handed a letter by his/her high school coach that was sent to them by a big-time university. 

The student-athlete is happy and thrilled, but wants to show the letter to their teammates and run home to tell Mom and Dad of their first recruiting letter.

Sometimes the letter is one page or it may have a brochure attached. 

On rare occasions it could even have a questionnaire to be completed and returned immediately.

At that moment, is the student-athlete being recruited by that college program or is it just a mass mailing of junk mail that is sent out to thousands of student-athletes on the same day with the same intention? 

  • What does it really mean?
  • Where’s the value from the letter? 

Does it really contain recruiting information or is it no different than a day old lottery ticket?

Lesser-known college programs have to resort to mass-mailings in an effort to recruit student-athletes. 

The reason behind this strategy is mainly due to budget constraints. 

Not every college program is working with big dollars therefore, mass mailing is there only option to recruit.

Most student-athletes are just names on a college coach’s clipboard. 

You’re being accidentally recruited. 

The college coach does not know who you are. 

They have absolutely no information on you in terms of your grades, videos, maybe even recent test scores. 

You’re a random name on a random list sent randomly. Sorry for the bad news!

The uneducated with no real understanding of recruiting seriously believe the value of a letter from a major college program over someone’s opinion.

That letter has no real value or real meaning.

I would like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow. 


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