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The Dream

The dream of many high school student athletes is to be the best high school athlete that he or she can be. You’re working really hard. You’re doing all the things you can as a player. You have achieved a certain level of success. Your dream is to just be the best.

Now all of a sudden you have achieved that goal. You have become the best that you can possibly be. You have honed your skills and now you feel that you could be a college player.

The game has become fun to you and you want to be recruited. You want to play college ball. You want to get that college education. You want to get that scholarship.

Your dream is to play at the next level which is college. You have, over the years worked on your game. During the summers, you played in the summer leagues, you went to camps, and you went to tournaments. You’ve done all those things because that’s what the real good players must do.

Like most athletes in high school, who will at some point develop a certain level of success and when that happens, you want to go to the next level. It’s only natural; that’s what this is all about.

There are many high school athletes who never achieve that level of success and they will never be college material, but for the millions of others out there, they want an opportunity to play in college and they deserve that.

College recruiting is very confusing and it’s a very complex situation. You need to have the right tools, the right materials, the right education, the proper understanding and the right guidance to achieve just a certain level of success when it comes to being recruited.

What is going to make you shine above another student athlete or what’s going to make you standout over another athlete who may have similar playing abilities, similar skills and maybe even similar academic achievements?

Sometimes, it’s being in a situation where you’re going to get the proper exposure to hundreds of college programs, where there’s going to be a proper amount of follow-up work done.

The more that a college program hears about you over the course of a year, 2 years or perhaps your entire high school career, will be a major plus for you.

Also remember that it could be the little things that set you apart from some of the other athletes.

Maybe you’re an inch taller, maybe you’re in better shape, maybe your grade point average is a tenth of a point higher than the next person’s, maybe you scored well on the SAT or ACT tests, maybe you’ve written letters to coaches, maybe you’ve gotten your video to coaches, and maybe you’ve developed a great rapport with a college coach.

I believe the dream for many high school athletes is just to play in college. That dream can become a reality if you do a few simple and basic things.

Exposure is number 1. Number 2 is follow-up work. Getting your name out there and being able to be seen by college programs over the course of a year to 2 years is critical in your development.

To achieve your dream, you need to do all the right things because college programs are not going to give everyone a college scholarship. Most student athletes are not scholarship worthy.

It really comes down to talent and that’s how you’re going to get your scholarship. I would also focus on skill level; doing everything you can to become bigger, faster, stronger, and better. Work on your skill level.

Think about being a great student athlete and think about being an even better student athlete. If you can do that you will achieve your dream of being in college.

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