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The Deadly Struggle Of Recruiting Procrastination

The Deadly Struggle Of Recruiting Procrastination

The Deadly Struggle Of Recruiting Procrastination

In my opinion, recruiting is a six year process. 

It begins in middle school with the stunning conclusion at senior year of high school. 

For some student-athletes the recruiting process ends in complete disaster. 

During those six years, many student-athletes have played on club and travel teams, were coached by their high school coach, their club coach, and maybe some other kind of coach.

They’ve got video, good grades, are good citizens in their communities, and have done everything by the book, yet and still procrastination is slowing them down to a grinding halt.

The big problems I see in the process are parents and some student-athletes waiting on college coaches to contact them first when the initial contact should come from the student-athlete or parents. Waiting is part of the old broken-down strategies of recruiting that no longer work.

Millions of student-athletes each and every year are competing for the attention of college coaches and not everyone is going to win this battle. 

Some parents take a proactive approach towards recruiting, doing their due diligence and reaching out to college programs on their own sometimes with little or no luck.

It is an underground secret that college coaches really do not want to talk to parents, at all. Publicly, college coaches encourage parents to reach out.

Privately, they wouldn’t touch the parents with a ten-foot pole and, if there was a 15-ft pole available, they would use that one reluctantly.

The parent is going to hype their kid to the college coach and rightly so. College coaches don’t want to hear that nonsense a hundred times a week from a hundred different parents. 

The parents are going to say their son or daughter is deserving of a scholarship over everyone else. 

The parents will point out statistics, grades, Boy Scout/Girl Scout achievements, the cookies they sold in the fifth grade, etc. Parents will do whatever they can to gain an edge in recruiting.

The final summer of recruiting heading into a student-athlete’s senior year, is mixed with stress and emotions on how the process will end.

Sitting back and waiting to hear from college programs as the months begin to rapidly slip pass, August, September, heading into October, you’ve heard nothing and you are patiently still waiting.

Stress levels are growing and anxiety is intensifying. Unfortunately, that is the destructive nature of procrastination.

I like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow. 


  1. Cheri Naudin

    Excellent information Al. I just wish there was a way for parents to hear this BEFORE they go through the process and make all their mistakes on the backs of their child’s only shot at being a college athlete

    • Al Woods

      The parents and student athletes make a lot of mistakes in recruiting. Procrastination is one of them. The best way to inform parents is through a lot of social media content. Holding seminars and webinars can work but parents are sometimes too stubborn to even listen to another point of view.


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