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College Recruiting Is Not freeGoing from high school athlete to college athlete is not free and it’s clearly not a simple process. Regardless of who you are or where you may be in recruiting, you’re going to have to spend some money.

The process of recruiting is basically about a student athlete putting their name out there to inform college programs that they are available to be recruited.

Recruiting is a long-term, ongoing investment in a student athlete’s college future but there are no guarantees on the outcome. In other words, many parents have been known to spend thousands of dollars on the recruiting process on their son or daughter and they still may not receive a full athletic scholarship.

Money is required to make the necessary steps in recruiting but money has absolutely no bearing on whether a student athlete will receive a full athletic scholarship over another student athlete who has no money.

If you come from a rich family where money is not necessarily an issue, you cannot buy your way to a full athletic scholarship.

Receiving an athletic scholarship still comes down to having talent. If it was possible that money could make a difference in recruiting then every rich student athlete would be playing at major college programs because they bought their way in!

Going to camp is a necessary process in recruiting and over a period of four or five summers, can be extremely expensive.

Some camps cost as much as $300 to participate and you may have to attend more than one camp during your summer vacations to receive the necessary exposure to get recruited for college.

The cost of club ball or travel team ball can be extremely expensive. Even though many of these teams raise money to off-set certain expenses you are still going to pay to be a member of the club or travel team.

Club ball is critical for the exposure of a student athlete. Being a member of the right club team, regardless of the sport, can often have a huge impact on the recruiting process.

Club ball is important because of the travel and the many tournaments that these teams play in. Many college coaches are in attendance at various tournaments around the country and it is another necessary step in the overall college recruiting process.

Maybe you’re on one club team and it’s not as successful as you would like, this could require you to change teams and incur another expense.

There are many important details throughout the college recruiting process that are necessary and will cost you money like having the DVD made. Getting copies of a DVD can be expensive. The packaging of the DVD, mailing the DVD along with other costs, cannot be avoided.

You cannot overlook the costs of recruiting. Somewhere along the way you are going to have to pay something; it cannot be avoided no matter who you are.

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