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The College List

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Selecting a targeted list of college programs is never easy. Many student-athletes want to focus on the major college programs, whether they can play at that level or not. It’s important to develop the appropriate list of college programs to target so we do not waste valuable time going after college programs unnecessarily.

Every student athlete has a dream school or a wish list. Every student athlete has that certain college program that they want to play for and there’s nothing wrong with targeting college programs on that level.

We generally select 10 college programs to begin the recruiting process. As the recruiting process progresses, we normally will add 10 more college programs to the list and continue to add college programs as needed.

It is important to understand that you will never know where the college scholarship or strong financial package will come from. It’s important to have a large list of college programs in your home state and in the neighboring states.

Every college program is different. They have different coaching styles, playing styles, and campus environment. It’s important to expand your list of college programs to insure you are covering every opportunity and uncovering every available financial opportunity.

Exposure. Recruitment. College Placement.

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