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The Audit

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Transparency is a big part of what we do here at Woods Recruiting. We want the student-athlete and the parent to know exactly what we’re doing every step of the way.

When we contact college programs the student-athlete and parent will receive what we call is an Audit. In one column is the list all the college programs that were contacted and the date they were contacted.  If there was a response or reply by a college coach that information will be sent to the student-athlete and the parent right away.

Woods Recruiting keeps a record of everything we do. It’s important for us to understand how effective we are in contacting college coaches and keeping are record of what’s been done is important to us and the student-athletes.

Sometimes college programs are interested and sometimes they’re not and it’s important for us to know that so we do not keep reaching out to those college programs that do not have an interest in that student-athlete.

In some situations the college program may be done with recruiting so they’re not interested in recruiting additional student-athletes. There could be many different reasons why college programs are not interested in particular student-athletes and it’s important for us to know that and to understand and to help point our resources in a different direction.

Exposure. Recruitment. College Placement.

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