Should College Programs Provide a Money-back Guarantee?

College programs are recruiting very talented high school student athletes all the time and in order to recruit these athletes maybe sometimes coaches might have to stretch the truth.  Sometimes college coaches will guarantee playing time to certain players or include some type of extra benefits. You might wonder how some of the top college … Read more

College Recruiting ultimate goal of getting in college.

HOW THE RECRUITING SERVICE CAN HELP Networking with college coaches is what the college recruiting process is basically all about. Our job at Woods Recruiting will be to consistently contact college coaches on the high school student athlete’s behalf. This process takes an incredible amount of time because this is one of the huge benefits for … Read more

Nutrition for High School Student Athletes

High school student athletes have slightly different nutrition needs than people who do not participate in any physical activity at all. They should closely monitor not only what they eat but how often they eat, so that they can be at peak performance during practice and important competitions, and so that they can prevent injury … Read more

Not Doing What You Should Be Doing and Stop Blaming Others!

As a college recruiter, I am contacted by high school athletes and parents every day looking for information or help with the college recruiting process. My role is to offer my opinion on matters that relate to recruiting and then it’s up to that athlete or parent to use that information however they see fit. … Read more