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Vitto Brown High School Basketball Recruit!

Today we’re talking about high school basketball recruit, Vitto Brown. Does this young man have the ability to play at the next level or should college coaches not waste their time recruiting him? Exposure is the key to getting recruited for college. If coaches know about you they will recruit you.  Is Vitto Brown receiving the right amount of exposure from college coaches for the kind of basketball player he is? Is the high school coach taking care of his responsibilities and providing all the assistance, knowledge and expertise to help Vitto Brown gain the attention of college programs?  The role of high school coaches is to develop the student athlete to become the best athlete that they can possibly be.  Is this coach doing the job? Sometimes playing on [...]

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Should College Programs Provide a Money-back Guarantee?

College programs are recruiting very talented high school student athletes all the time and in order to recruit these athletes maybe sometimes coaches might have to stretch the truth.  Sometimes college coaches will guarantee playing time to certain players or include some type of extra benefits. You might wonder how some of the top college programs in the country always stay on top?  The answer I believe is because they have to do something extra to get these players. Sometimes college programs make huge promises to the student athletes and parents just to make sure their college programs has a better chance of landing that big-time recruit. The rules basically say you can only give a full athletic scholarship and that’s about it but we all know that most of [...]

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College Recruiting ultimate goal of getting in college.

HOW THE RECRUITING SERVICE CAN HELP Networking with college coaches is what the college recruiting process is basically all about. Our job at Woods Recruiting will be to consistently contact college coaches on the high school student athlete’s behalf. This process takes an incredible amount of time because this is one of the huge benefits for using a college recruiting service. Parents must understand that the college recruiting process is not easy so having a college recruiting service in your corner can help many parents sort through the challenges they will face. HOW THE RECRUITING SERVICE CAN HURT IF NOT USED The number of high school student athletes looking to play in college is huge so you must have an advantage as a high school student athlete to gain exposure to college programs. [...]

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Nutrition for High School Student Athletes

High school student athletes have slightly different nutrition needs than people who do not participate in any physical activity at all. They should closely monitor not only what they eat but how often they eat, so that they can be at peak performance during practice and important competitions, and so that they can prevent injury as well. Athletes who eat a light snack anywhere from one hour to one half-hour before they engage in physical activity usually have plenty of energy to participate in the activities, but also have digested the food enough so that it doesn’t make performing physically demanding tasks uncomfortable. Meals should be consumed two to three hours before they engage in physical activity. If athletes consume these meals closer to the time that they will be [...]

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Five reasons why you’re not getting into college

Their many outstanding high school athletes all over the country who are all looking to continue to play their sport at the college level.  Many of these high school athletes and invested a huge amount of time and money into their sport but there are many factors that are involved in getting in college. There are mistakes that are made every day in the college recruiting process and I want to share five reasons why many high school athletes are not going to get into college for their sport: 1. Grades and the standardized tests play a huge role in going from high school athlete to college athlete.  Many high school student athletes forget the part that they are students first and do not put enough time in their academics. [...]

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The freshman year and the college recruiting process

The other day, I was checking my Twitter page when I received this question from a parent:  “My daughter in freshman (HS) soccer. What does she need to do to get watched by a recruiter? Or to stand out to get recruite?.” First of all, it’s a great question because it tells me that the parents are very serious about their daughter’s athletic future. I’d like to add just a little background on recruiting.  The college recruiting process is extremely challenging. There are many twists and turns and you must give yourself enough time in the process to make it work and to correct any mistakes you may make along the way. As a high school freshmen, I believe this is a critical time in their athletic career because academics [...]

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Not Doing What You Should Be Doing and Stop Blaming Others!

As a college recruiter, I am contacted by high school athletes and parents every day looking for information or help with the college recruiting process. My role is to offer my opinion on matters that relate to recruiting and then it’s up to that athlete or parent to use that information however they see fit. What happens in most cases is that parents and athletes want to do what they think is best without giving it much thought. I always tell parents to get a DVD made that shows highlights of games and full game action. So when the student athletes or parents are asked by a college coach if they can see the tape or DVD then they are ready to mail one. There are parents who don’t understand [...]

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