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Week 18 Power Rankings, Bears Edition

Here are the week 18 Bears power rankings from various sites around the web: ESPN.com: #6 (Last week: #6) Analysis, “The Bears better hope “Bad Jay Cutler” doesn’t show up for the playoffs.” SI.com: #7 (Last week: #6) Analysis, “I’ll [...]

Annual UmpBump Hall of Fame Balloting: 2011 Edition

In what has become an annual tradition, we here at UmpBump cast our ballots for the Hall of Fame on the eve of the announcements of the voting for the real Hall of Fame. Voters can vote for anyone ever [...]

What Makes a Successful NFL Season? (AFC Edition)

Playoff time has arrived in the NFL and that means different things for different teams. In the NFL of decades past, the top seeds were overwhelming favorites and it would have been a shock if the top two seeds did [...]

What I’ve Learned: Ohio State Sugar Bowl Edition

Black Shoe Diaries

BBR Rankings: Special Edition – Best Teams of the 2010 Calendar Year

Here's what you get when you run the BBR Rankings (and our old friend Maximum Likelihood) on every game, regular-season & playoff, that took place in the calendar year of 2010: Rank Team W L WPct Offense Rk Defense Rk [...]

Week 15 Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

Here are the week 15 Bears power rankings from various sites around the web: ESPN: #8 (Last week: #9) Analysis, “Does Brian Urlacher still think the Bears are better than the Patriots?” Fox Sports: #8 (Last week: #5) Analysis, “Maybe [...]

What’s in a name? Thanksgiving edition

For Thanksgiving, I decided to have a little fun with some nicknames (and a few given ones), via Baseball-Reference. So here's a Turkey Day Team -- Thanksgiving, food and eating related names -- to chew on. Managing the bunch is [...]