ITB’s Slate of Eight: Bonus Week Thirteen Edition

Podcast: Play in new window | Download So folks, that’s right we’ve got a second edition of the Slate of Eight up for you football junkies on this holiday week. That’s twice as much football to go with the turkey, the greens, the cranberry sauce and everything else that comes with Thanksgiving. On this edition … Read more

Coming out of the Closet with Fuse: On the road again… Edition

"Primrose Yellow" and "Rose Pink" As I believe I’ve mentioned in at least one earlier installment in this series, the kit of Scotland’s national team has really only had on consistent feature- a predominantly navy/dark blue home shirt. Believe it or not, it took me about half an hour to construct that first sentence because … Read more

NCAA Football 11: Help Me Make Me Some Picks! Bonus Week 13 Edition

So you’ve already read the Rivalry Week picks for the Slate of Eight? Well, here’s the Bonus Edition. Listen to the Week 13 Bonus Slate of Eight podcast here. NCAA Football 11 is 29-17 in picking the repeat teams appearing in this bonus Slate of Eight. Notre Dame – Southern Cal (Battle for the Jeweled … Read more

Your Weekend Preview: I finished this at 2am, please ignore the typos Edition

Estudiantes de La Plata v. C.A. Vélez Sarsfield (Friday) This is probably the biggest match in Argentina’s Primera Division so far this season and it involves neither River Plate (8th place) nor Boca Juniors (10th place). No, it features first place Estudiantes and second place Vélez. The two teams are separated by three points, but … Read more

Best Position Player Postseason Performances Since 2000, WPA Edition

At Red Sox Beacon last weekend, I decided to see where J.D. Drew‘s performance in Game 5 of the 2008 ALCS stood on the all-time great Red Sox postseason performances. The metric I chose was Win Probability Added, and thanks to Baseball Reference’s Play Index tool, I was able to sort through the best (and … Read more