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Why Division Two Athletics Are So Unpopular With High School Players

Why Division Two Athletics Are So Unpopular With High School Players

Boys High School Basketball Media DayIf it’s on TV then it must be popular!

Everyone wants to be on TV for something whether you’re being interviewed or highlighted and, when you’re on TV, everyone can see you. That’s the mindset of most high school student athletes when there in the process of choosing a college program; they all want to play and be seen on TV.

Division two college athletics are a positive backup for high school ballplayers who do not reach the division one level.

Division two college sports are viewed unpopular by many high school student athletes because many student athletes will turn their backs on division two programs if they were recruited by them holding out hope for a division one opportunity of any kind!

Why are division two sports unpopular among high school athletes?

The short answer is television.

Division two college programs do not play their games on TV. They’re not on ESPN and the games are not even broadcast on local TV. This is why I believe division two sports are so unpopular.

Just have a conversation with a student athlete about the possibilities of playing division two sports and some of these athletes will look at you like you’re crazy. Every high school athlete who has any level of talent believes they can play at the D-1 level.

It is almost impossible to ask a high school athlete to even consider division two option for college athletics

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