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Student Athletes Need Representation

It would be totally ridiculous for you to represent yourself

The old broken down strategies of recruiting suggests that talented student athletes sit back and wait for college coaches to find them.

One of the most outdated strategies is when student athletes rely heavily on their high school coach to get their name out to college coaches.

These two strategies are completely outdated and, more importantly, a total waste of time.

To reach the college level, a high school student athlete is going to require commitment, a huge amount of time and effort, along with a great strategy.

The high school coach is very limited in what they can do during the recruiting process.

Many high school coaches are school teachers or they work for the school system in some capacity.

When you think about all that your high school coach does during the day, you’ll see that there’s really not a whole lot of time your coach can set aside towards getting you recruited for college.

It would normally require an eight-hour day to consistently and successfully get a high school student athlete recruited for college.

Let’s be very honest; a high school coach would be hard-pressed to carve out one hour to put towards the recruitment of their student athletes.

I would bet it’s very challenging to be a school teacher and, when you add on the fact that you’re a coach, that’s extremely time-consuming.

There are really not a whole lot of hours left in the day to work with student athletes who desire to play in college.

My suggestion, which is bold, very bold, would be to allow high school coaches to work full time as a coach. This would allow them more time towards recruiting and the development of their athletic programs.

Could you see someone like Urban Meyer, the Ohio State football coach, also having to teach class all day while trying to build a championship football program?

If athletics is such a big deal, then why not allow head coaches to totally focus on coaching, recruiting, athletic development, and mentoring?

You have some very large high school athletic programs in this country that could probably afford to allow their coaches to just coach full time while earning a full time salary.

They’ve got some high school football stadiums in this country that rival some college football stadiums.

The money is there. If schools are spending millions of dollars on building a football stadium, why not put that money into athletic development and allow coaches to coach full time?

Professional athletes have representation when it comes time to negotiate a contract or even an endorsement contract.

It probably wouldn’t be a wise idea for a professional athlete to represent themselves in the negotiating of a contract when they’re not 100% skilled in that area.

A professional athlete’s expertise is in athletics and the development of their talent. Their focus is on being the best athlete they can be for as long as they can be.

Professional representation is to ensure they are being adequately compensated for their talent. Correct me if I’m wrong!

A high school student athlete who has the talent, the skills, and the academic power is looking to take their talents to the college level. The difference between a high school athlete and a professional athlete is money.

The high school student athlete needs representation when it comes to being recruited and all the aspects associated with the challenging college recruiting process.

For student athletes and their parents who go at it alone could result in wasted time and strategies. Mistakes are common and without proper guidance and not knowing exactly what schools to target or even how to begin the process is what many student athletes and their parents struggle with on a consistent basis and have so for decades.

Let’s say, for example, if you were involved in a car accident that’s something that happens quite frequently in this country.

You’re going to try to collect damages for your car or possible personal injury. You wouldn’t personally challenge the insurance company by yourself, would you?

There’s a good reason for someone who has been in a car accident and who’s trying to collect damages hires an attorney: for proper representation.

If you’re going at this process alone while challenging an insurance company you will no doubt make mistakes that will be critical to how your settlement is handled. You will more than likely waste valuable time because you don’t understand how the process works.

So, the point I’m making is that you would not deal with something as serious as that without proper representation.

It would be totally ridiculous for you to represent yourself against an insurance company who knows the language of the process and how the process exactly works where you are not as savvy.

The same can be said for the college recruiting process. Many parents and student athletes totally believe they can handle every aspect of the recruiting process on their own.

Just like trying to challenge an insurance company, parents of student athletes will make mistakes, waste time, and potentially slow the recruiting process, or worse, destroy the recruiting process totally for themselves.

Going from high school athlete to college athlete has never been easy. Only 1% of all high school student athletes in this country actually receive a full athletic scholarship.

99% of all high school student athletes are going to have to fight very hard to get their name out there in order to get the attention of college coaches.

That process should be handled by trained professionals who understand every aspect of the college recruiting process, because either they went through it personally or they have helped thousands of student athletes get into college professionally.

Information about recruiting is hard to come by and if you were to find information you were looking for on the recruiting process, it would be difficult to understand and make sense of what you’re reading.

The old broken down strategies of recruiting were when you bombard college coaches with tons of emails with clips of videos. That strategy is like throwing darts at a dartboard hoping you hit the bulls-eye which could be a million to one shot.

It used to be if you are a talented high school student athlete and you were featured in the newspaper, college coaches would find you and they would attend your games.

The newspaper is virtually obsolete now because everything is online and college coaches no longer attend games on an individual basis because it is not cost-effective.

The mindset of many parents are still stuck on these old strategies believing that if their kid is good enough, college coaches will find them.

Parents are also stuck in believing the high school coach is the answer to the recruiting process.

For student athletes that are in the 99% category, you’re going to need to be represented by a highly-trained, experienced, and dedicated college recruiting service who has dealt with the recruiting process and college coaches thousands of times.

I don’t know anything about cars, but I do know how to drive one, I know where you put the gas, the windshield washer fluid and how to put air in the tires.

I even know how to change a tire, but if you ask me to go under the hood and fix something there is a 100% chance I will screw it up.

I’m going to hire a mechanic who is a trained professional to work on my car because it’s going to save me time, it’s going to save me money, and it’s going to save me the hassle of having to try and figure it out myself.

The point I’m trying to make, once again, is that many parents and student athletes are not skilled in the aspects of the recruiting process.

I think about my own father who was a career Navy man, he likes sports, he watches sports, but he didn’t know anything about Athletic Recruiting. Had a recruiting service been around and they came to our house, he more than likely would have paid the money for me to receive proper representation.

Now I know my father, he wouldn’t have paid thousands of dollars but he would have paid for me to receive proper college recruiting representation. I wasn’t recruited out of high school and it took nearly a year for me to find a college on my own.

There are a lot of talented student athletes who are talented enough to play at the college level, but many of them because of lack of information, lack of help and guidance, never played in college and regret it to this very day.

Having proper representation would truly make a difference in the lives of high school student athletes. The recruiting process should never be something parents of student athletes should tackle alone.

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