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recruitingEvery high school student athlete dreams of becoming a college student athlete and I believe it’s important to keep all options open. Division two athletics is not always a popular choice among student athletes but it could ultimately be the smart choice.


Once they reach the college level every student athlete thinks only one thing: the opportunity to actually play in the games. Sometimes, that may not always be possible at the major college level because of the extreme competitive nature of playing major college athletics.

Keep in mind that every high school athlete who ends up at the division one level was more than likely the best player on their high school team. With that many great players from high school on college teams, some players are not going to be able to keep up.

Sometimes, the adjustment from high school athlete to college athlete is huge. Outside of athletic issues, there’s the added pressure of academic concerns. Mix all that together and it can create a pressurized situation where some athletes may not be able to adjust.

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