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Getting recruited for college sucks!

The strategies that are involved in the college recruiting process will make the average person quit. I thought I would provide a list of college recruiting strategies that really suck every day.

You may agree or disagree with these recruiting strategies, that’s up to you

1.Student athletes attending an exposure event. Student athletes and parents will see some kind of advertisement on Facebook or Twitter about some kind of exposure event where the event organizers promise to have a lot of coaches in attendance.

These event organizers will tell anyone what they want to hear in order to get them to pay. Exposure events make huge promises about college coaches being there to exclusively see them play but never deliver on those promises.

This recruiting strategy has always sucked because it tricks parents and student athletes into believing that they can be recruited if they show up, pay their money and play their guts out.

2. Stupid Twitter account. In my opinion, Twitter should be used for student athletes to network with college coaches. Far too often we see high school student athletes using Twitter to post silly pictures from some stupid party that should never be posted but will be seen by college coaches who look to recruit them.

The strategy should be building a network of college coaches where student athletes can send them updates and even links to video highlights.

Student athletes are not the smartest people in the world and sometimes they make huge errors in judgment using social media to post inappropriate pictures and information.

The student athlete’s goal should be to make outstanding grades and work as hard as they can athletically, so they can get recruited and possibly earn a full athletic scholarship.

3. Parents, you’re going to go broke messing around with the DVD. Many enthusiastic parents will get their son’s or daughter’s game highlights transferred over to a DVD. Because of their eagerness and the excitement of recruiting, those parents will have many copies made of those DVDs.

That well intended effort will all blow up in smoke for the parents because they will mail those DVDs to college coaches, who never asked for them in the first place, and will more than likely throw all those expensive DVDs in the trash.

There are many different college recruiting strategies but I believe randomly mailing DVDs to college coaches is a waste of time.

Think about this for a moment parents: if it was that easy to just mail your DVD to a handful of coaches, then everyone who has a kid that played sports would do the same thing.

College coaches are being bombarded with DVDs from high school student athletes daily and I’m telling you they do not look at them, they don’t even care who these kids are.

4. Sending an e-mail to a college coach is stupid. Just because e-mail is free does not mean you need to use it. College coaches have e-mail addresses, student athletes and their parents have e-mail addresses, I have an e-mail address and because of that, I get e-mails from just about every knucklehead business out there every single day.

It’s a bad college recruiting strategy to spam college coaches with emails about all of your college recruiting information.

Every other student athlete, high school coach and anyone else who knows how to use an e-mail are sending e-mails to college coaches. This strategy is bad because your e-mail is not going to get read by a college coach.

Who’s going to read the hundreds of e-mails every day that colleges receive from student athletes looking to get recruited? The answer is absolutely no one.

Stop sending e-mails to college coaches because no one is going to read them and they do not care enough about you to read your crappie e-mails.

5. YouTube video highlights suck as a recruiting strategy. Nowadays, every student athlete has a video on YouTube and many of those student athletes take the link from that video and e-mail it to a college coach.

We’ve already talked about how e-mail is a bad recruiting strategy and e-mailing video links to college coaches is just as bad.

Anyone can look like a superstar in a five minute video that only showcases your best plays from probably your best games.

Remember, if it was easy to e-mail a link of a video to a college coach then everyone who has one of those videos is doing the same thing and I can guarantee you most college coaches do not take those kinds of videos very seriously.

Strategies Used To Get Recruited For College Are Very Hard To Implement

The college recruiting process is only hard for those student athletes who are not highly ranked. If you’re one of the top ranked student athletes in the country for your sport, then recruiting strategies mean nothing to you.

For the millions of student athletes who do not have the luxury of being ranked you’re going to need to come up with a plan to get your name in front of a lot of college coaches…….but I’m sure you already knew that!

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