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The college recruiting process is a jigsaw puzzle with millions of pieces that could take years to put together. Our team of scouts at Woods Recruiting are highly trained and skilled on how to put the pieces of the recruiting puzzle together.

Athletic Questionnaire

The athletic profile will highlight the student athlete’s athletic and academic achievements. We will include the student athlete’s picture in their athletic gear if at all possible. If there is recruiting video, that will be included on the athletic profile as well.

The athletic profile will constantly be updated with new information on that student athlete’s athletic achievements along with any academic achievements.

If there are additional videos they will be included as well.

College coaches love information. College coaches want to be constantly updated on what that student athlete is doing from game to game during their season and throughout the academic school year.

Developing a target list of college programs. Our scouts at Woods Recruiting will help the student athlete choose the appropriate college programs to target. Our scouts are not just going to focus on Division I programs.

We’re going to focus on college programs that fit the needs of student athletes. We’re going to focus on Division I, Division II, Division III athletic programs, and NAIA athletic programs.

And for those student athletes who do not qualify academically, the focus will be on athletic programs at junior colleges.

Note: The scout, the student athlete, and the parents will decide, as a group, on the appropriate college programs to target. It’s critical to spread out the number of college programs and not focus solely on Division I.

If the Division I opportunity is available there is no doubt our scouts can help you reach that level.

Targeting college programs for recruitment

At Woods Recruiting it is a collaborative effort to target appropriate college programs for our student-athletes.

We have several of methods we use to build relationships with college coaches.

Starting the recruiting process early enough I will give you the student-athlete a greater chance of receiving maximum exposure from college coaches.

The later you start the recruiting process you will run the risk of eliminating college programs from the recruiting process before you even get started.

Keep in mind the recruiting process is exactly that it is a process that takes several weeks if not months to build relationships with college coaches by effectively getting information directly to them.

Our job is to target a strong list of appropriate college programs for college exposure.

We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of the best college opportunity for all of our student-athletes.

Consult and educate. We understand the recruiting process can be somewhat  complicated to understand and figure out. Our Scouts and woods recruiting  have been trained and educated on all aspects of the recruiting process.

Many of our  Scouts are former College athletes,  High School coaches Club coaches and youth coaches.

our job is to help educate and consult with you on all aspects of the recruiting process so you do not waste valuable time and make critical errors that could cost you a great deal of hardship frustration anger and pain in the recruiting process.

It seems as though the  rules of the college recruiting process are always changing, but in reality it is the interpretation of the rules of the recruiting process that are changing.

Parents of student-athletes if you go at the college recruiting process alone you could run the risk of making critical errors our job is to help guide you through the process and help you find the best college athletic opportunity available.

In all the years I have been in the recruiting business procrastination on the part of parents and student-athletes has been devastating. There are only so many days in the recruiting process a day loss is a day you cannot ever make up.

College programs are identifying talented student-athletes earlier than ever before.

If your name is not in front of college coaches then you have a major college recruiting problem. Everyday, every week you sit back and think about what you should do college coaches have moved on to other recruitable student-athletes.

Don’t let procrastination be the Killer of the recruiting process and destroy your dreams of ever going to college and getting an education. Put your trust in Woods Recruiting we will not let you down.

Woods Recruiting cannot guarantee a full athletic scholarship. Woods Recruiting or any of our scouts cannot promise a full athletic scholarship. We can guarantee that we will do our very best and give you 110% of our efforts, knowledge, and experience to achieve college placement.

Sometimes there are factors that prohibit student athletes from getting recruited and placed in college that are out of the control of Woods Recruiting.

Throughout the history of Woods Recruiting, we have maintained a 95% success rate. Five percent of the student athletes we worked with do not get recruited or placed in college.

Sometimes the reasons are somewhat ridiculous on the part of the student athletes and their parents. Bad grades. Criminal behavior. Poor social media behavior.

Woods Recruiting started in 1989. The number one goal has always been to assist student-athletes with the college recruiting process.

We take pride in the work we do on behalf of high school student-athletes every single day.  

Our passion has always been helping as many student-athletes as we possibly can while not trying to make it about money.

Money is important don’t get me wrong but many recruiting services lose sight of why they’re in the business in the first place.

We will continue to serve and assist and guide and educate as many high school student-athletes as possible.

student-athletes, you only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete, Let Woods Recruiting recruiting guide you every step through the challenging college recruiting process, we will not let you down.

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