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Getting started with the college recruiting process
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The College Recruiting Process As I Know It 

Our Job Is College Placement

Regardless of the sport you play in high school there is a home for you in college. Recruiting is all about exposure. If college coaches don’t know you exist, there is no way they can recruit you.

Student-athletes not only need to possess outstanding grades and superior athletic ability, but there are also many other intangibles needed to gain the attention of college coaches.

Many student-athletes are underexposed to college coaches. The student-athletes are doing all the right things and have all of the positive intangibles needed to get recruited but still, somehow, they’re being unrecognized. That’s a major problem in the recruiting process.

There are student-athletes who will end up in a college beneath their athletic ability. Maybe they could have been a division one player, but they ended up at a division three school.

There’s nothing wrong with any division, but talent speaks for itself. Those talented student-athletes should be at the right level in the right college program.

The scholarship and the financial package is also a critical factor. There may be situations where families may be required to come up with thousands of dollars that they don’t have to pay for college.

Many student-athletes end up not going to college because of the extra added expense.

Our job is to get student-athletes recruited and placed in college. We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or a strong financial package to college.

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How We Set Up The Process

Athletic Profile:  Each student-athlete will receive an Athletic Profile. The Athletic Profile will highlight what the student-athlete can do athletically as well as academically. We will include a video and picture of the student-athlete in their athletic gear.


Picture: All of our Athletic Profiles have pictures. The Profile stands out and attracts the attention of college coaches who want to recruit you.  If you have a lot of pictures of yourself in athletic gear, that’s super!


College List:  We will help the student-athlete select the appropriate college programs to target. We do not chase college programs unnecessarily. Our goal is to try to find the right match, the perfect fit for the student-athlete.


Follow-up Process:  We will continue to reach out to college programs on behalf of the student-athlete. We have a variety of methods that we use to reach college programs. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a full athletic scholarship or a strong financial package.


Audit:  Each time we contact the college programs from the college list the student-athlete and their family will receive an Audit. The Audit shows which college programs we contacted, the date contacted, and if there was any response by the college coach. That information will be passed on to you. We believe in full transparency.


Unlimited:  We will provide unlimited support and guidance throughout the entire recruiting process. If you start with us at any point during your high school career, we will work with you all the way through graduation.


Support:  After you’ve made your financial commitment we will continue to work with you every step of the way. We don’t want you to make mistakes in the recruiting process and our job is to guide you step-by-step to ensure you are achieving maximum exposure.


Video:  Video is a critical component in the overall recruiting process. Before a college program can recruit you they need to see you play. Get as much video as you can. Websites such as Huddle and YouTube are a great place to upload your video.

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

The Recruiting Road Map To Student-Athlete Success

Time is a critical component in the overall college recruiting process. Far too many student-athletes and their parents waste valuable time deciding what steps or strategies to take.

You have video. Great. Everyone has video because will help you get recruited for college. You’ve gone to camps. Ok. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Keep in mind that all the other student-athletes have gone to camps as well.

You play on a club team that travels from tournament to tournament sometimes throughout the country. Congratulations, but there are thousands of student-athletes who play in tournaments.

Your high school coach is great and your club coach is amazing. You play at a great school or maybe your school is not so great, maybe it’s average. You have good grades. Some of you may have excellent grades and scored extremely well on the SAT and maybe you did a great job on the ACT. You’re supposed to do good in the classroom.

You’re supposed to have amazing work ethic. The bottom line is that all student-athletes who are looking to take their talents to the college level possesses all of these positive intangibles.

What it comes down to is getting your name into the hands of as many college coaches as possible. The names of student-athletes just don’t drop out of the sky and fall into the laps of college coaches.

Someone has to put the names of talented student-athletes into their hands and do it on a consistent basis. That is what we do here at Woods Recruiting.

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

The Recruiting Journey Is Real

Being Seen At Camp.

Playing On A Good Club Team.

Having Really Good Video.

Superior Work Ethic.

Outstanding Social Media Behavior.

Very Good Grades.

Strong Standardized Test Scores.

Be A Good Teammate.

Be Coachable.

Woods Recruiting

1% Versus 99% In The Recruiting Process

Your dream is our dream. Your goal is our goal. The athletic scholarship is the top prize and the ultimate goal in recruiting.

1% of high school student-athletes does not need the help of a recruiting service. Those student-athletes are the highly ranked, the top players on everyone’s recruiting boards. Those student-athletes are in a position to pick and choose the college programs they wish to attend.

99% of high school student-athletes are going to struggle at some point in the recruiting process. They’re not the highly-ranked. They’re not on everyone’s recruiting boards. They’re rarely discussed about on websites, blogs, and message boards. Though they are talented athletically and academically as the 1%, exposure on a major level just is not coming their way.

99% of all high school student-athletes need our help and we are available to assist.

Showcase Your Talent

You’re an amazing athlete with amazing talent. It’s critical that you showcase everything you do in front of college coaches.


Procrastination is the biggest killer in the recruiting process. Don’t delay the recruiting process another day.

Remember Video

Video is a critical component in recruiting. College coaches can’t be at every high school game. It’s important to have a lot of video.

Don't Forget Work Ethic

What you do athletically when no one is watching is very important. Always be improving.

Building Relationships

Always build relationships with college coaches. Be courteous. Make eye contact. Always follow-up. Always be available.

Why It Matters

The recruiting process matters. You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete. Don’t screw it up!

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Stability. Trust. Consistency. Longevity. Experience.

Why Woods Recruiting? We’ve been in business since 1989. We are a stable, successful recruiting service.

We are not going anywhere. Our job is to get student-athletes recruited and placed in college, bottom line.

We have assisted thousands of student-athletes in getting recruited and placed in college at all college divisions and levels. Recruiting is hard, very challenging, and extremely confusing. Many student-athletes and their parents make mistakes all the time.

Sometimes these mistakes can be so critical that it could ruin your chances of going to college. Put your trust in an experienced college recruiting service. We will not let you down.

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