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Start The College Recruiting Process Today

You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete

Start The College Recruiting Process Today

Proper Representation: The college recruiting process is extremely confusing with many twists and turns along the way. Student-athletes and parents who choose to take on the recruiting process alone will struggle with constant doubt and consistent mistakes that cost valuable time and could crush your dreams of going to college. It’s critical to seek out proper representation in the recruiting process and that’s what Woods Recruiting can offer.

The Cost: I don’t want to go into great detail of what are service cost. I want to leave that up to our college scouts to explain how the process works and then they will gladly share with you how much it costs. Trust me, it is affordable and there are no hidden fees or extra costs associated with our one-time fee to help student-athletes get recruited and placed in college.

What We Offer

Athletic Profile: We will create an Athletic Profile that will tell your story to college coaches. What you can do athletically and academically will be written about so college coaches can get a greater understanding of who you are.

Video:  Video is a critical component in the overall recruiting process. Before a college program can recruit you they need to see you play. Get as much video as you can. Websites such as Huddle and YouTube are a great place to upload your video.

Picture: All of our athletic profiles have pictures.  This will help your profile stand out and attract the attention of college coaches who look to recruit you.  If you have a lot of pictures of yourself in athletic gear that’s super!

College List: We can offer an unlimited amount of college programs to target on your behalf.  Our scouts will help you develop appropriate college programs to target. Based on your athletic ability and academic strengths, we can come up with the appropriate list of college coaches and programs to help you gain maximum exposure.

Support:  After you’ve made your financial commitment we will continue to work with you every step of the way. All of our scouts are skilled and trained to help educate you to point you in the right direction. We don’t want you to make mistakes in the recruiting process and our job is to guide you step-by-step to ensure you are achieving maximum exposure.

Unlimited:  We’re going to provide you with unlimited support and guidance throughout the entire recruiting process. If you start with us at any point during your high school career we will work with you all the way through graduation.

No Guarantee:  The recruiting process is a strange and confusing process. We can’t give a guarantee because there could be a situation where the student-athletes don’t have the grades, or a student-athlete could suffer a catastrophic injury.  Criminal behavior will clearly get student-athletes ruled out of the recruiting process.Behavior on social media: Sometimes knuckleheaded behavior on social media has turned many college coaches against student athletes. If you’re doing the right thing athletically and academically and are a good citizen you should be ok in the college recruiting process.

Start The College Recruiting Process Today

Our History: Woods Recruiting has been in business since August of 1989. We have helped thousands of student-athletes receive athletic scholarships or strong financial packages for college. Our number one goal from day one has been the student-athletes. How can we help the student-athletes get as much exposure to college programs as possible? We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or a strong financial package.  Put your trust in us, we will not let you down.

Start The College Recruiting Process Today

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