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Woods Recruiting is going to promise that we will get you as much exposure to college programs as possible.

We cannot promise you a scholarship because no one can do that.

We don’t have scholarships in our back pocket to give to students-athletes.

It is only the college program that can give you a scholarship.

We are going to put the student-athlete in position to possibly get a scholarship or a strong financial package.

It is up to the student-athlete to earn a scholarship or a strong financial package based on what he or she can do athletically and academically.  

softballIf it was up to me, and I wish it was, I would give every high school athlete who possessed superior athletic ability a scholarship.

Those who are skeptical of the recruiting process are probably those who are skeptical of most things in life.

Exposure it’s basically what student-athletes are getting, which means getting their names in front of as many college programs as possible. Woods Recruiting can do that!

Getting your name in front of college coaches must be done consistently without hesitation over a long period of time.

Huge numbers, and I mean huge numbers, of student-athletes across the country are falling short in the area of exposure to college coaches.

Just because a college coach saw you play at a game, a tournament or some kind of exposure event is a plus but does not guarantee anything.

Nothing is guaranteed in the recruiting process. It never has been and never will be.

When it comes to getting recruited, student-athletes have to be out there where their information is consistently reaching college coaches.

If you are skeptical of the recruiting process I guarantee you, you are doomed to fail.

Those recruiting services who promise they can get you a scholarship are lying to you.

Those are the people who are criminals in this business.

It would be like me telling someone, “I guarantee you this lottery ticket is a winner just pay me $5,000 and you’re guaranteed to win millions.” That sounds like a scam all the way.

Skepticism about college recruiting services are fair because many recruiting services are horrible.

football-kidsThere are many recruiting services that are run by individuals who never even played college sports.

Many recruiting services are only interested in money first, building up their profile second, and then maybe they’ll get around to the student-athlete.

My passion, and those who are on the Woods Recruiting team, has always been student-athletes first, parents second, and giving everything we’ve got to get them a college scholarship.

As the president of Woods Recruiting, I played high school basketball, was recruited by over 200 college basketball programs to play in college, and through hard work, dedication, and superior athletic ability, I played professionally overseas.

I understand the recruiting process and those who work with me understand it as well. They learn from me, they have learned from the best and they are the absolute best there are in this business.

Put your skepticism in your back pocket because you don’t need to worry about how we’re going to assist you in the recruiting process. We’ve got your back all the way.

What you should be skeptical of are those who promise college coaches will be in attendance to their various tournaments, camps, and those unorganized events.

What you should be skeptical of are those recruiting services who haven’t been in business long enough.

You should be skeptical of recruiting services that hire criminals.

You should be skeptical of recruiting services who have extremely high price points.

You should be skeptical of false promises from recruiting services.

I understand skepticism.

You should not be skeptical of what we can do at Woods Recruiting because we are deeply rooted and invested in each and every student-athlete we work with.

I love the college recruiting process because of its many twists and turns, angles that are extremely intriguing.

The recruiting process is a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces and, for someone like me, I know how to put all of those pieces together.

The puzzle of the recruiting process comes very easy to me because I’ve been in this business since 1989 plus I’ve played high school, college, and professional basketball. I’ve also spent a huge amount of time talking to college coaches.

Throw your skepticism out the window! It is not needed here.

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