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Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service

Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service
Set Up Your Own Recruiting Service

I have said this many times already, I do not believe there are enough recruiting services. Student-athletes are constantly being overlooked by college coaches all the time. There are more student-athletes involved in sports than there’s ever been in the history of sports.

Why not setup your own recruiting service?

I’m going to outline some examples of how someone who has a dream, a determination, who has thought about setting up their own recruiting service but never followed through with the idea.

The economy is always up and down. Jobs or hard to get sometimes even a good one. Even part-time jobs are becoming a pain in the butt to get. Why not create your own income by creating your own college recruiting service?


Your City Your Town: You can set up your own local recruiting service in your city or town.

When I started my recruiting service I just focused on Cleveland, Ohio, the surrounding suburbs and Akron, Ohio which is almost 40 miles from Cleveland. In this region there are hundreds of high schools and thousands of student-athletes.

I would bet in most cities and surrounding areas there may be close to a hundred high schools. That’s your territory, that’s your network.

Develop your own recruiting service by starting in your own neighborhood. If you build up your recruiting service locally it will give you a business that will last a long time and it would be almost impossible for the competition to move in and push you out.


Build A Team: Why not build a team of college scouts? Let’s say, for example, you love baseball.

Maybe you were a high school baseball coach or a club coach and you got some buddies together that played baseball.

Why not bring together 10 or 12 of your best friends and get together to form a team of college scouts?

One person would be elected team leader. That person can keep things organized: meetings, trainings, all the things that are required to run a recruiting service. Your team of scouts can go out and scout student-athletes locally at games or tournament and meet with players and parents.

Your team could cover the entire city and region that you live in thoroughly, accurately, and intensely. This would give your recruiting service credibility because there’s always going to be strength in numbers. 

Think about how it would look with all the members of your team wearing logo polo shirts, they all have business cards, laptops.

All are in unison looking like a team that’s well-organized and professional! Just imagine how amazing it would look with your recruiting team at baseball games across the city. Your team members are at club tournaments and baseball-related events.

The exposure for your brand will grow intensely. Now every parent is going to recognize one of the members of your team. Every high school and club coach is going to recognize your recruiting service because now you’re no longer invisible.

This is how you get business. This is how you grow your business. This is how you build your brand locally. This is how you become impossible to beat. This is how you build credibility. There’s a quote I like to use from time to time and it goes something like this:


“What is unseen counts for nothing.”




Your Fee: I don’t have a problem whatsoever with anyone making money. You’re in business to help others and to make money, that’s what it’s all about. No one with any common sense would think that you’re doing this for free.

This is just a suggestion. Why not charge an individual price point of $1,000?  No payment plan, but a straight up one-time fee.

This is an easy number. I believe this is a fair price. I know other recruiting services that charge $1,500 to $2,000 and there are others who charge upwards to $3,000 and $4,000.   

Those are great price points, but you would be pricing a lot of families out of the process. This is just my opinion.

I was just thinking if your goal is to make money, turn a profit, grow your business and push the competition out of your territory, wouldn’t it be wise to come up with a price point that is affordable? $1,000 is a very affordable fee.

I would rather be in a situation where I am signing up student-athletes on a consistent basis as opposed to struggling just to sign up a few.

Another option to think about when developing your recruiting service locally is why not have a group discount rate to work with club teams exclusively?

For example, most club teams have quite a few players associated with their club program.

Most of those players could probably play in college.

Let’s say you had a discounted rate of $395 or $500 for a minimum of five players.

Now you could end up getting $1,975 or $2,500 to work exclusively with a club team.

Think about this for a moment, let’s say you were able to sign up 50 Club teams from your territory in a year’s time.

These club teams would exclusively be doing business with you every year.

The local club teams would be dealing with your recruiting service exclusively because you gave them an amazing discounted price point. Now you’re making big money!

These are just suggestions that you can think about. Maybe you can play around with the idea. Come up with something that would work best for your recruiting service and your team of scouts.

The bottom line in business is make money and make profits.


Commission: A 50/50 split on your commission. Whether it’s $1,000 or $1,975 pay your team $700 of that $1,000 commission or pay them $1,000 out of that $1,975.

If you have been elected team leader take care of your team and pay them.

If you don’t take care of your team they’re going to quit. They’re going to work for someone else or start their own recruiting service. Work together in unison and as a team.

When I was running my recruiting service and we received a payment from a parent I made sure that the scout was paid first. I made sure they got their commission payment within an hour of my receiving it.

The word will quickly spread throughout the high school sports community that you have a successful recruiting service. More men and women will want to join your team because they heard what an amazing job you’re doing for student-athletes.

I believe within one year to 18 months your recruiting service will grow in leaps and bounds very quickly. How amazing would that be!


Your Passion With Sports: Everyone has a sport they love and for me it’s basketball. Whatever that sport you’re passionate about start with that as your primary focus.

Talk to every high school coach and every club coach of that sport. Network with those coaches.  Build relationships with those coaches. Be at every game, every tournament, and every event.

Being visible is critical. The more these high school and club coaches can see you, the more you’re going to start to build trust with all of them. That’s very important in this business.  

Sometimes in the excitement of developing your recruiting service you want to go real fast.

You want to hit all the sports right now, right away.

I can understand your excitement, your aggressiveness, and your ambition and that’s good.

You want to get it right the first time. Find that sport and work with that sport.

It may take you a year to build up connections with club and high school coaches from your passion sport.  

Those coaches are going to vouch for you to their student-athletes and parents. They’re going to give you leads on players, which is critical.

You want to focus on developing strategies and a system where you have it down to a science and where there are no mistakes.

Work out areas of adjustment so you can focus on building relationships with your passion sport. Then you can move on to the next sport.

The thing you want is longevity in this business. You don’t want to be a flash in the pan. You don’t want to start your recruiting service with a lot of gusto and passion and then a year to 18 months later you’re out of the game altogether because did everything too fast.

You didn’t have a strategy. You didn’t think things through enough.

Because of all of that, you’re making mistakes that could harm your business permanently.


Get Started Now:There are huge numbers of individuals involved with coaching. Many are heavily involved at the club level. For those who are reading this information right now, you may even have some kind of connection with club and high school sports.

You probably have thought about starting your own recruiting service but you didn’t know what to do or which direction to take.

You’ve probably seen a lot of recruiting services online, on social media and you thought that it would be interesting to get involved with something like that.

Get started today! Put the plan in motion now! Don’t delay. Now is the time to get involved in the college recruiting process.

You probably know about studentathletes who have struggled with recruiting.

You probably have heard stories and have witnessed scenarios where student-athletes ended up at a college program beneath their athletic ability.

I’m sure you thought that something needs to be done about it, but what can I do to get involved?

Get started now.


Final Thoughts: It is impossible for college coaches to scout and recruit every student-athlete. They’re not going to be able to see every student-athlete play whether in person, at camp, or on videoit’s impossible. There is not enough talent evaluators out there.

There’s not enough college scouts, that’s the bottom line and that’s the point I’m trying to make.


Recruiting Services:  Start your recruiting service and dominate in your local community for decades.

The competition would be scared to compete with you. If you do it the right way, you could form a solid foundation and a solid team of scouts. You would have your focus sport. You could also branch out into other sports that you’re passionate about.

You could dominate throughout the entire high school recruiting landscape in your city or town.

Recruiting services are needed, there’s no doubt about it.

The Negative: With the good there is always some bad and there’s always going to be some negative noise about recruiting services.

Pay those knuckleheads no mind.

Those who speak negatively about recruiting services are generally individuals who could not make it work for themselves. They didn’t have the guts, they didn’t have the nerve, and they didn’t have the mindset to aggressively stake their claim to the high school sports community.

They’re going to bad-mouth recruiting services on social media and there may even be some mainstream college coaches who have something negative about recruiting.

The bottom line is that recruiting services, if done correctly, can be a major useful source to high school coaches, club coaches, and, most importantly, to student-athletes.


Final Conclusion: When you decide to start your recruiting service let me know about it.

I want to tell your story on our blog and on social media. I also would like to come to your city or town for a meet up.

I would love to sit down and talk with your team of scouts and brainstorm over college recruiting strategies and maybe there’s some areas I can help work with you on.

Absolutely no obligation.

It’s all about networking and assisting student-athletes to get to the next level.

Believe me when I tell you, we don’t have enough recruiting services out there.

Student-athletes are getting overlooked by college programs all the time. Some of you may have full-time jobs and you want to work as a scout part-time and there’s nothing wrong with that.

An extra $1,000 or more a month could go a long way into doing some things you want to do personally.  

Maybe take a vacation. Save up for your kid’s college education. Maybe you need to do some home renovations. Whatever the case may be an extra $1,000 or more a month can go a long way.

Being a college scout is a very fun and exciting career opportunity. Who doesn’t like being around the game? If you like to talk to and meet people and do all of that you can be a college scout.

Your market and territory is huge. The families are just waiting out there desperately looking for recruiting help and waiting to talk to someone who can help them, guide them and educate them.

The opportunity is for you. The opportunity is now. Start your own college recruiting service today. You will be glad you did.

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