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woods recruiting Al WoodsBecoming a college recruiting scout can lead to a great career opportunity. At Woods Recruiting, we’re looking for individuals who have the passion to work with high school student athletes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in sports, why not become a college recruiting scout for Woods Recruiting?

All of our scouts go through an Intensive Training program where you will learn new strategies and techniques to assist student athletes and work closely with their parents.

There are thousands of high school student athletes who slip through the cracks of the college recruiting process each year.

As a scout for Woods Recruiting, you could be the person that makes the difference in the lives of student athletes.

You may be someone right now who works closely with student athletes and have probably seen many of them go under-recruited or unrecognized by college programs.

The opportunity to do something about it and have a positive impact on the lives of student athletes is now.

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