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Scouts at Woods Recruiting Al WoodsIn this new modern world of recruiting, student athletes need to work closely and be associated with college recruiting services.

Only a small percentage of high school student athletes get to pick and choose their college program.

99% of all other high school student athletes are hoping a college program chooses them.

At Woods Recruiting, we’re looking to change the lives of high school student athletes so that they get more exposure and more opportunities with college programs.

There are student athletes and parents who take on the recruiting process by themselves. Generally, what happens is many parents who have little or no knowledge of the recruiting process are making critical mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can stall student athletes’ scholarship opportunities or there are no opportunities at all.

The role of the Woods Recruiting scout is to change the lives of student athletes and to adequately assist and educate their parents.

If you’re interested in becoming a scout at Woods Recruiting, click now for more information. Click now!

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