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It seems nowadays that anyone who has the desire can create their own college scouting service. You know those companies that, for a fee, will assist student athletes through the recruiting process and hopefully get them placed in college.

All across the Internet there are thousands of recruiting services that do spectacular jobs, while others are borderline criminals.

You have your individual scouts who set up their own website, go out into the community and try to drum up business.

whyThere are those companies who employ large number of scouts that were given a territory or region of their own to scout and recruit student athletes.

A huge percentage of recruiting scouts fail at getting business. Many of these services struggle so bad, that they are out of business within 12 months.


One of the problems for many scouts is their presentation sucks! You cannot go into parents’ home, hand them a brochure and then expect those parents to write you a check. It’s just not going to happen!

The Answer!

1. Why not have a conversation with the parents of a student athlete?

2. Why not ask questions of that parent about their son or daughter?

3. Why not get to know the student athlete and their parents?
4. Why not come up with solutions to some of their recruiting problems?

5. Why not uncover problem areas or areas of frustrations and fix those problems?

The real answer is to make those parents and student athletes feel as though they are the most important people in the world to you.

Why would the parents of high school student athletes invest any money in your scouting service?

The worst thing a scout can do is to talk about themselves and how great they are or the number of student athletes they’ve placed in college as though they have cornered the market on student athletes.

Think about this for a moment; when you talk to the student athlete and their parents by asking them questions, the recruiting spotlight shines bright on them.

When you begin to talk about yourself and how great you are, the spotlight shines on you. Bad idea!

Keep the spotlight shining bright on the student athlete and parents by asking enough questions where they practically dominate the conversation.

The more information you get from parents, the easier it will be to get paid.

Scouting Services Have Challenging Daily Tasks

Being a college scout is very important to those individuals who are extremely involved with high school sports.

Many scouts, or those who desire to get into the business, are constantly approached by many families asking for recruiting advice.

Being approached so many times will make you begin to believe you have what it takes to actually get paid and earn a living as a recruiting scout.

Everyone is your friend when there’s no financial commitment attached to it. Everything changes for those eager rookie recruiting scouts when they begin to charge a fee for their services.

Now because money is involved, all of those interested families change their minds and are no longer in a state of emergency.

As a new college scout, you’ve got to be wondering what just happened?

Why has everyone turned against me? Your other thought would probably be, “I know these people and they know me so what am I doing wrong.”

There’s this unwritten rule that applies to all college recruiting scouts and recruiting services, “Do not work with families or friends who know you personally.”

Go outside your normal area and work with those families you don’t; generate leads from people you don’t know and build relationships with them.

Lead Generation

1. Go to high school sporting events talk and to student athletes.

2. Get the names and phone numbers of student athletes and their parents.

3. Be seen everywhere; every game, every tournament, everywhere.

4.  Hand out business cards and be sure to get return contact information.

5.  Make connections with high school and club coaches.

Scouting Services Need Exact Preparation

To be a top notch college recruiting scout requires hours of preparation prior to your first face to face meeting with parents.

Make a list of 20 possible questions you need to ask parents. It is the parents that have check writing a credit card power those are the people you need to convince, that your scouting service is the one.

Sample Questions:

1. Do you think your son/daughter can play in college?

2. What level of college do you think your son/daughter can play?

3. Is your son/daughter a good student?

4. How has the recruiting process gone for you so far?

5. Have you received letters and phone calls from college coaches?

You’re asking involvement questions. In the beginning of your presentation you may want to ask very simple and easy questions, kind of as a warm-up.

Involvement questions require longer answers from the parents; use that information to close the sale, to get them to pay you before you leave out of their house.

Sometimes in your first face to face meeting with a parent, everyone maybe a little bit nervous or somewhat unsure of each other.

Start off with questions that can only be answered with the word, “YES”.

Sample Yes Questions:

1.  Has your son/daughter ever played club ball?

2. Is your son/daughter one of the best players on the team?

3. Does your son/daughter want to play in college?

These questions will help ease any tension or anxiety that you may have or the parents may feel when you begin your presentation.

Asking easy and simple questions will help you to be mentally prepared to ask more challenging questions.

Scouting Services Should Not Fail

In my opinion, the ideal college recruiting scout is someone who has had previous athletic experience.

Athletes know how to overcome adversity. The athletes deal with weekly highs and lows during athletic competition all the time along with the day to day grind of practice.

Athletes know how to overcome failure and rejoice in victory because of their hard work, determination and dedication to their sport.

College scouts are faced with many obstacles that may seem impossible to overcome. To deal with the many rejections you will face as a college scout, draw from your athletic experience as a tool to overcome failure.

Those individuals who have athletic experience from the high school level to college and even professionally, are generally the people I would like to have on my team.

As a scout who runs their own recruiting service, think seriously about what you’re doing in front of parents.

Think about what you want to say to these parents about how you can help their son or daughter navigate through the challenges of the college recruiting process to gain the exposure and to get placed in college.

Scouts and recruiting services fail for many reasons and I believe it’s in large part due to the lack of preparation. Always prepare and always be prepared.

Being a college scout and running your own recruiting service is very challenging. I know first hand because I ran my own recruiting service from 1989 until today so, I clearly understand the challenges many of you face on a daily basis.

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