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Getting a letter from a college coach is great. Getting a letter from a college coach is the beginning of recruiting. But, getting a letter from a college coach is really no big deal because it doesn’t mean they are recruiting you.

Those are just a few examples of what it’s like to receive a letter from a college coach. It does not necessarily mean you’re being recruited; it does mean that you are on their recruiting radar.

Some student athletes and their parents believe that by receiving a few letters from a big time college or university, it means that they’re being recruited and that getting a letter from any lesser known college program means nothing.

Desperate BusinessmanYou can ignore letters from college programs but it would be like closing the door on a potential scholarship opportunity and it’s never wise to close the door on any potential scholarship opportunities.

Because of the day to day uncertainty of recruiting, student athletes and parents should always keep an open mind regardless of the size of the school.

The smart parents and student athletes who understand recruiting will respond back to any and all letters they receive from college coaches.

The dilemma of mass mailings to student athletes is that it’s the beginning of the recruiting process and, because it’s so early in the recruiting process, you’re just another name on a piece of paper.

To become more than just a name on a piece of paper it is important that student athletes quickly respond to any letter they receive from any college program, whether it’s a big program, a small program or a program you have never heard of.

Look at it this way, college programs do not know the names of every single player who is in their junior or senior year of high school.

Many college coaching staff will find information on what student athletes are doing during their season; this generally prompts them to mail a letter to that student athlete.

There’s always going to be a certain level of uncertainty when receiving a letter from a college program. To ease your anxieties about this, just respond back to what these programs are asking for.

Complete any questionnaires that you receive from a college program. Make sure they have your full home mailing address because this is an excellent way to receive direct communication from college programs.

If you are smart and understand how important it is receiving a letter from a college coach, then you are moving in the right direction of the college recruiting process.


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