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Salvador Cruz 5’9” 150 lbs. GPA 3.75  ACT/Jan ‘17

Silver City, NM. Silver High School Class of 2018

 Sal Cruz, a point guard out of Silver High School in Silver City, New Mexico. Sal will be a name you need to know in the class of 2018. As a sophomore Sal has become a leader on the court and a player coaches look to make big plays and take big shots.

As you see Sal on the court you see his basketball IQ is higher than most players in his class. A two-way player that is tough, that uses his body to get in front of players to take charges, also will use lower body strength to box out taller rebounders.

Although Sal commands the ball as point guard, his game has become so complete that he can play off-the-ball as a shooting guard. He is able to score easily over players with a variety of scoring moves. He can drive and finish with either hand over defenders with floaters, lay-ups and pull up jumpers.

He can shoot the deep three, whether it comes off the dribble or catch and shoot situations. Sal also led his team in 3 point shooting percentage. With superior vision and ball handling skills, Sal is making his team better by setting up teammates for easy baskets.

Sal has a real nose for the ball and is always around loose balls and deflections. When he is first to a loose ball is usually means an easy basket for Silver High School. Sal is pure energy when on the court and is a supportive teammate when he is not in the game. He is an extremely coachable player who will approach his coaches for instruction for his team during free-throw and referee timeout situations.

Sal holds a high 3.75 GPA, was named first-team, all-district and team captain as a sophomore in his first year as a varsity starter. Sal is also the type of leader who gathers players together in a huddle and give other players instruction.

As a player in the 2018 class, Sal will only continue to grow as a player, leader and great person on and off the court. Sal is also very active in supporting other sports and clubs at Silver High School.

To get to know Sal Cruz better you can also follow him leading his club/AAU team Athletes First Southwest or follow him on Twitter @sal_cruz11 or Instagram @scruz_0511.

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