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Reginald Marshall

Recruiting Director, Hope Mills, Charlotte, North Carolina

Reginald Marshall is an experienced talent evaluator living in the state of North Carolina who travels extensively for the purpose of watching athletes play their chosen sports and determining whether their set of skills and talents represents what is needed.

Reginald’s knowledge of the game comes from his many years of playing, coaching and instructing. As a high school athlete, Reginald excelled in three sports. Baseball is the sport he would later choose to pursue at the collegiate level. He accepted a scholarship to Bevill State, where he played for two years as a pitcher.

Reginald has worked with many ball players from ages 6 – 18 providing batting, fielding, and pitching lessons to athletes for many years. Reginald has the ability to identify the tools that are necessary for making it to the next level as a student athlete.

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