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Reese Johnson – Point Guard
High School Basketball Recruit 2018

Height 6’2, Weight 175lbs.
Position:  Point Guard
School:  Notre Dame Academy
GPA:  2.65 ACT: 20

Recruiting Intangibles:

1. Coachable -open to honest feedback
2. Basketball intelligence
3. Solid sportsmanship
4. Passion and love for the game of basketball
5. Mental toughness – ability to push through difficult situations
6. Team focused
7. Consistent in effort and leadership every game
8. Self-motivated

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a solid point guard to lead your team to the next level, your search is over.  Reese will bring his passion for the game, along with his strong athletic ability and knowledge of basketball to elevate your program. Take a serious look today at Reese Johnson.   He will rise to the challenge and will not let you down!

Reese is a true point guard and leader of his team. Since being on varsity as a freshman, his passion to facilitate scoring for his team, control the tempo of the game, and to effectively handle the basketball is evident in his 10:1 assist to turnover ratio.

His strong intuition of the game of basketball and his solid court sense, along with his drive to constantly study the game would make him a solid addition to any college level team interested in playing at the highest level.

Received Honorable-mention, All-conference and 1st Team All-defense FRCC.

Reese’s hard work and dedication is evident in his willingness to accept coaching and the year-round work he puts forth in elevating his game.  His experiences playing competitive AAU basketball throughout the country, attending the Top 250 Basketball Camps and Christian Laettner Camps, and conducting extensive personalized training for point guards makes him an excellent candidate to lead your team.

Reese has the skills to change an entire game with his athletic ability, his incredible work ethic and his passion to win and succeed. Your coaching staff will be impressed with this young man and should seriously look at Reese Johnson.

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