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Going from high school athlete to college athlete is extremely time-consuming. What’s critical in this process is to take action now.

There are hundreds of student-athletes, no let me rephrase that thousands of student-athletes, no let me think again millions of high school student-athletes who have delayed the college recruiting process, many of them will not be attending college in the fall.

Millions of other student-athletes who let the recruiting process slip through their fingers what end up at college programs beneath their athletic ability.

What is your plan for recruiting?

If you’re thinking that someone will help you with the recruiting process you’re wrong.

If you believe college coaches will find your name just because you play a sport, you are totally wrong.

If you believe just going to camp or playing in some kind of tournament during the summer months in front of college coaches is all you have to do, you have been lied to, mislead and totally tricked about the recruiting process.

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